SNAP Sunday Night At The Pavilion At The Celebrity Centre, Highlight Hollywood News

Sunday night, (November 1)  Harriet Schock confirms to Highlight Hollywood that she will be performing at the Pavilion.  “I’m hosting another wonderful SNAP singer/songwriter showcase,” the award-winning songwriter tells us.
 SNAP stands for Sunday Night at the Pavilion. It will feature Suzy Williams, Lois Blaisch, Kevin Kelso, Hillary Rollins, Bronson Belleza, Brian Woodbury, Andrea Ross-Greene, Alan August and Adrian Bewley.
As host, I will also perform,” Harriet added.   It’s all for $5 plus free valet parking. 7PM at Celebrity Centre, 5930 Franklin Ave. at Bronson. Free valet parking entrance is off of Bronson.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   File
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