(VIDEO), ‘American Horror Story’s’ John Carroll Lynch On Playing Twisty And Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy, Highlight Hollywood News

John Carroll Lynch returned last week to “American Horror Story: Hotel” after scaring the urine out of us last season as Twisty the Clown in “American Horror Story: Freak Show.”  On Wednesday night’s (October 28) episode of “American Horror Story: Hotel,” John played the real-life serial killer John Wayne Gacy — who murdered at least 33 teen boys in Chicago, Illinois in the 1970s — and buried them under his house’s crawl space.
So, what does he think of playing so many infamous clown killers now? “That’s a rare subsection of character actor ability. It’s right next to “bowling 160″ on my special skills on the bottom of my resume,” the actor joked.
Fans hated seeing Twisty end so early in “Freak Show,” so did John accept it? “I knew how long the arc was when I signed on, and I mean, they used it beautifully as a misdirect for the season. The audience thought they were on one roller coaster, and it turned out they were on another. I think that’s something that Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy do as a matter of course, they introduce you to one thing and then they switch to another. It’s pretty bold storytelling, and something you can do in an anthology really successfully.”
What made the talented actor return this season? “When I found out they were going to do this episode, “Devil’s Night,” with all of these famous serial killers… I’m like… That’s the perfect twist, isn’t it? Pardon my use of the word. 


“It’s perfect to play a fictitious clown, and then play someone who dressed up as a clown. The interesting thing about Gacy is he didn’t kill in clown makeup. That was just something he did for fun. That was like a vocation, a hobby, to dress as this clown character and paint clown art… But he didn’t kill anybody as a clown. He was never dressed in the makeup as far as I could tell, which is weird, isn’t it? Doesn’t that make him even weirder in some way, that along with capturing and killing young men, and then putting them in his crawlspace, he would just, for fun, go out and dress like a clown and do parties?”

So, how did he prepare to play John Wayne Gacy?  “With John Wayne Gacy, there’s nothing but dark Wikipedia holes. Since he basically spent a good amount of his time digging dark holes, that’s not surprising. He’s a terrifying guy, and honestly extraordinarily disturbing to get to know, even to the little I did get to know his history.




There’s videos I watched of him close to the end of his life where he was trying to convince this news man that he didn’t do it, and it was all a mistake. The degree to which he believed it was chilling. Chilling. No remorse, no sense of anything but “I just want to live one more day.” No sense of giving people closure; nothing like that. None. The way in which he spoke about the victims of the crime, even if he didn’t do it, was callous. But the fact that he did was just horrifying. Much more horrifying than Twisty ever was. It’s one thing to play someone’s fictional nightmare, it’s another to put on the skin of somebody who really did all that. It was much more uncomfortable.,” the actor concluded.



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“American Horror Story: Hotel” airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on FX.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   FX
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