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Non-Representational Sculpture Winners Of 2015 Are Beaver, Han, Luth And Davies

Highlight Hollywood had the exclusive rights to reveal the results of the 50 categories of winning artists in the American Art Awards, decided by the 25 Best Galleries In The Nation. In a series of articles expanding through October, we revealed, in daily features, the 1st to 6th Place winning images with artists info, one category at a time.
This year the online contest had submissions from 35 countries including Aruba, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain,South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, UK, United Arab Emirates and USA.
I interviewed president of, Thom Bierdz (painter of the BLUE X paintings) and asked which artists this year won the last category, Non-Representational Sculpture. Bierdz explained, “The galleries scored John Beaver highest. He creates wonderful unique forms from all kinds of woods. He is a highly-collectible genius in his field. Awards were also given to Becky Luth’s sea portal and the futuristic work by David Han and Michael Davies.”
1st   JOHN BEAVER   USA   “Eye Of The Storm”   13 x 5″   Painted sycamore / cocobolo / oak base.2nd   JOHN BEAVER   USA   “Tripartite”   12 x 4″    Walnut burl / ebonized oak base / brass rod.
3rd   JOHN BEAVER   USA   “Merging: Almost”   12 x 4.5″   Cocobolo / ebony base.4th   DAVID HAN   USA    “Untitled #5”     3 x 4 x 4′   Sheet metal sculpture.5th   DAVID HAN   USA    “Untitled #8”    4.5 x 3 x 6′   Sheet metal sculpture.6th   BECKY LUTH    CANADA   “Portal to the Sea”    Recycled metal hubcap sculpture.

6th   MICHAEL DAVIES   USA   “Ghost Of Flight 19 [For Bermuda Triangle Pilots]”   72 x 20 x 16″     Found and fabricated objects, with motorized moving parts.

    American Association of Woodturners, Gallery of Wood Art, “Merging” Exhibition,  June 26 – Dec 31, 2015
Messler Gallery, Center for Furniture Craftsmanship,  Rockport Maine,  “Faculty Show”  June – September 2015
Wharton Esherick Museum, “Vases” Exhibition.  Sep 13 – Dec 31, 2015
Northwest Woodworkers Gallery, 36th Annual Box Show,  November 1 – December 31, 2015
    Del Mano Gallery,
Sullivan Goss,  Santa Barbara,  CA
Glenn Green Galleries, Santa Fe, NM
Thomas R. Riley Gallery,  Cleveland, OH
Guilded Pear Gallery, Cedar Rapids, IAPAST EXHIBITIONS AND GALLERIES:
Beyond Boundaries:  Wood Art for the 21st Century, SOFA Chicago
American Association of Woodturners, Gallery of Wood Art
Currents, Rising, Harmony, Merging Exhibitions
The Wharton Esherick Museum, PA
Wood Jewelry, Vases Exhibitions
Del Mano Gallery
Small Treasures, Turned and Carved Wood, Hot Tea
Messler Gallery,  Center for Furniture Craftsmanship,  Rockport, ME
Peters Valley Craft Center, “Considering the Kylix”
The Folk Tree Gallery, Pasadena, CA
Infusion,  Vail, CO
Easton Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
Glass Menagerie, Corning NY
Los Angeles Arboretum,  Forces of Nature
    SOFA Chicago
Art Palm Beach
American Craft Exposition,  Evanston, IL
Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show
American Craft Council, Baltimore & San Francisco
Contemporary Crafts Market, Santa Monica CA & Pasadena CA
Beverly Hills Art Show (Affair in the Gardens)
La Jolla Art and Wine Festival
Design in Wood at the San Diego Fair
Orange County Woodworking Exhibition at the Orange County Fair
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World of Woodturners (Internet):  Multiple Cover Shots
Niche Awards: First Place, Painted or Colored Wood
American Art Awards:  1st Place and 2nd Place, Sculpture Non-Representational
Niche Awards: Finalist, Turned Wood
Niche Awards: Finalist, Painted or Colored Wood
American Association of Woodturners:  Symposium Instant Gallery Award
La Jolla Art and Wine Festival:  1st Place, Wood
Beverly HIlls Art Show:  2nd Place, Mixed Media
American Art Awards:  2nd Place, Sculpture Non-Representational
Niche Awards:  1st Place, Turned Wood
American Art Awards:  1st Place and 2nd Place, Sculpture Non-Representational
Wharton Esherick Museum:  3rd Place, Sticks and Stones Jewelry Competition
Beverly Hills Art Show:  2nd Place, Mixed Media
Contemporary Crafts Market, Santa Monica:  Show Publicity Photo
Segmented Woodturners Symposium:  Symposium Instant Gallery Award
Segmented Woodturners Association: 1st Place “One Species” Contest
Woodturners America, Beauty and The Beast Contest:  Finalist
Orange County Woodworking Exhibition at the Orange County Fair:  2nd Place Open Form Turning
Orange County Woodworking Exhibition at the Orange County Fair:  Honorable Mention Segmented Turning
Glendale Woodturners Guild:  1st Place “Wood Jewelry” Contest
American Association of Woodturners:  Symposium Instant Gallery Award
Design in Wood, San Diego: Honorable Mention: Embellished Wood Turning
American Association of Woodturners:  2nd Place “Bleached Wood” Contest
Glendale Woodturners Guild:  1st Place “Open Space” Contest
Orange County Fair Woodworking Exhibition:  1st Place Open Form Turning
Orange County Fair Woodworking Exhibition:  2nd Place Closed Form Turning
Orange County Fair Woodworking Exhibition: Industry Award presented by Deft Finishes
Orange County Fair Woodworking Exhibition:  Honorable Mention Segmented Turning
Santa Monica Contemporary Crafts Market:  Show Publicity Photo
Sawmill Creek Fall Turning Challenge: 2nd Place Bowl Category2009
American Association of Woodturners:  2nd Place “Turned Wood Egg” Contest
Having lived my entire life near the Pacific Ocean, the motion and rhythm of the ocean’s waves are a major inspiration for my work.
Contrast is also an important element for me, not only aesthetically but in the process of turning a functional object, like a bowl, into an
“objet d’art.”  Artistically, I like to combine multiple woods with dyes and textures to enhance the rhythmic lines that are a part of my
work.  The technical genesis of these works lies in my ability to deconstruct and reconstruct a turned vessel in a number of
different ways while maintaining grain and wall alignment.  I hope that my pieces will evoke a feeling of movement and energy in
an otherwise static environment.
    I live in Pacific Palisades, CA  with my wife Candy, and two wonderful daughters, Lauren and Rachel.  When I’m not turning I enjoy Golf,
Paddle Tennis, Skiing, Cycling and Bocce.
Collectors of Wood Art,  Vice President
American Association of Woodturners,  Professional Outreach Program committee memberPRIVATE COLLECTIONS
Steve Keeble and Karen Depew
Jeffrey Bernstein and Judith Chernoff
Joseph Seltzer
Chris Rifkin
Myron and Phoebe Resnick
David and Karen Long
Rev. Richard and Elizabeth Houge
Stephen and Cathy Weinroth
November 13-15  Wine Country Woodturners, Bay Area Woodturners, Silicon Valley Woodturners
Feb 5-7, 2016  Florida Woodturning Symposium.  Featured Presenter
Feb 26-28, 2016  Desert Woodturning Roundup,  Featured PresenterEDUCATION
Pepperdine University, Bachelor of Arts Degree
UCLA School of Fine Arts
Segmented Turning Workshop with Malcolm Tibbetts
Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, Rockport, Maine:  Mark Gardner Woodturning Workshop
Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, Rockport, Maine:  Beth Ireland Woodturning Workshop

Living in an urban part of Southern California there is not easy access to a lot of different wood.  Fortunately there is a place near my home
where local tree trimmers leave free logs for firewood.  I get about half the wood I use from these piles, and I’m sure people look at me
funny as I investigate each piece looking for the gems.   Being mindful of the rain forests, I use primarily North American hard woods, and
only purchase limited amounts of exotic wood.


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50AAA15.9bB  Movie of Bierdz’s BLUE X paintings below:
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