(VIDEO), Watch ‘Walking Dead’s’ Daryl, Sasha And Abraham Learn Of Their Greatest Nemesis, Negan Will Debut In Feb. 2016, Highlight Hollywood News

If viewers turned off “The Walking Dead” immediately following the credits on Sunday night, they missed a big deal!  A biker gang confronted three of your favorites, and told them about their leader, one who makes the Governor seem like a politician and Charles Manson, a simply misunderstood man.  
With the walls breached after a bloody attack by the Wolves and Alexandria flooded with zombies, Rick and his crew were forced to take shelter in their homes and devise a way through the undead outside. There were a few interesting plot turns, including Carol and Morgan fighting over the life of a lone captured Wolf, Carl and Ron fighting over Ron’s dead father, and Deanna giving Rick the pep-talk of a lifetime — but the season seemed like a real downer compared to the high-intensity bloodbath of previous episodes.Daryl-character-portrait-header-The-Walking-DeadUntil the end, that is. Many fans may have missed a rare post-credits scene featuring Daryl, Abraham and Sasha that looks to set up the rest of the season — and, in turn, shape the future of the series.

See it below:

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   AMC
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