Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Tries To Salvage His Legacy, Attorney Lisa Bloom Hits Back, Highlight Hollywood News

As the masterfully crafted “glass house” Bill Cosby built begins to shatter, on Thursday, his lawyer attempted to paint her client as an innocent victim, after she chastised and attacked many of his alleged victims, and it’s not working, no more than the countersuits she filed on his behalf has. It appears we now see why Martin Singer dropped Bill Cosby, and Cosby will pay a horrible price and prosecution, while his new legal team attempts to use him to become famous, while making a fool of him. It was 30 years of Marty Singer’s legal maneuvers that kept Cosby out of prison. Just two months into his new legal team, he’s been arrested, something Singer never would have allowed to happen.

The day after Bill Cosby was charged with sexual assault,  his attorney Monique Pressley appeared on all three of the broadcast network morning shows, via video, where she defended her client and accused Montgomery County, Pa. district attorney-elect Kevin Steele of pursuing a political agenda.



“Before we even mount a defense, we will have to look at this game of political football that this Montgomery County D.A.’s office has played with my client’s life,” Pressley said on ABC’s Good Morning America. “If you look at the political campaigns that led to the former DA and the about-to-be DA going head-to-head and choosing to make this issue a focal point, what we have now is not the effectuation of justice. What we have is the fulfillment of a campaign promise from a prosecutor who used this case and used the current climate about the allegations against my client in order to get into office and had to make good before the statute of limitations completely ran out on what he promised in order to get in that office.”



But, it’s Ms. Pressley’s legal strategy that has left her client in the situation he’s in. And all of these silly lawsuits she’s filed, especially against Janice Dickinson will backfire in her face, as well as Bill Cosby’s.



A lawyer for Dickinson, famed legal expert Lisa Bloom said news of Cosby’s arrest was “a highly significant chapter in his accusers’ long journey toward justice.”  Highlight Hollywood reached out to Bloom, who is currently on vacation in Cuba.


“Though he is a very wealthy and famous celebrity, Mr. Cosby should be subject to the same criminal and civil laws as everyone else,” said Dickinson’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, who is also a legal analyst for NBC News.



“I am very happy that this day has finally come,” Allred said at a press conference in her Los Angeles office. “Mr. Cosby deserves a fair trial, but so does Andrea Constand and the people of the state of Pennsylvania.”



“This is a seismic shift for Bill Cosby,” says veteran publicist Howard Bragman, founder of Fifteen Minutes Public Relations. “In the past there was deniability and his attorneys could say he has never been charged criminally. All of a sudden the stakes have changed, and he could end up in jail” at age 78.



Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   AP; File
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