Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

Highlight Hollywood Names Famed Seattle-Based Attorney Anne Bremner, Nation’s Legal Advocate Of 2015

Each year editors at Highlight Hollywood have the daunting task of choosing the legal player in our nation that has worked hard to make a difference in the lives of victims.  This year all of our editors unanimously chose Seattle-based super lawyer Anne Bremner, who is seen almost daily on CNN, HLN’s “Nancy Grace” as well as “Dr. Drew,” and on Fox News Channel and also on MSNBC as a regular commentator.  But, in addition to commentary, Ms. Bremner is a fighter.  She is always on the scene when there are people suffering and need a strong and moral voice.

She represents the family of the late Susan Cox Powell, who is still missing to this day, after her horrible husband Josh Powell not only killed her, but also their two sons.  Bremner fought so hard to keep the children away from their psychopath father, but Washington law allowed it.
Bremner became not only a national star, but an international superstar with the case involving beautiful American college girl Amanda Knox, who was wrongly prosecuted by Italy’s legal system for the death of her female roommate, and was vilified not only by Italian officials and the legal system there, but the media worldwide, dubbing her, “Foxy Knoxy,” in an effort to dehumanize her and to make her seem big enough to be taken down by the kangaroo justice system in Italy. anne-lead
Not only is Anne Bremner ready to rumble and battle for her high profile clients, and she has many, she is also there in Seattle and the surrounding areas to help the victims of crimes and to defend everyone and maintain their civil rights in America.  Bremner is tireless.  If she’s not on TV or in the courtroom, she’s home offering love and affection to her beautiful cats, she’s also a friend who can always be counted on to stand by you in your time of need, offer sage legal advice, and for those of us smart enough to listen to her, it generally works out.
She is a legal giant, a genius in her trade, but an amazing human being as well.  Many of her clients will offer that she is always there, always just a phone call away.  She cares about people, that’s what makes her stand above and beyond her peers in this field. 
In just this past October, Bremner was named to the Litigation Counsel of America.  Anne is inducted into this invitation-only trial lawyer honorary society, representing less than one-half percent of American lawyers.
She is also named as one of the 10 most Famous Attorneys, a distinction she shares with the late Johnnie Cochran, F. Lee Bailey, Professor Alan Dershowitz and Robert Shapiro.

Law Crossing calls her one of the Best Trial Lawyers in the nation, and she was recently selected as one of the top 100 lawyers in the United States by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel and is a Founding Member of the Nation’s Top Lawyers.
Ms. Bremner Represented Friends of Amanda Knox, and did not rest until the American woman was brought home
However, all of these distinctions fall short of who Anne Bremner truly is.  A powerhouse advocate for those who have no voice.  Her clients become her biggest supporters as well.  We know whenever she’s on the case, you know that your rights are being protected by a woman who will not be silenced, will never give up and will always believe in the truth and in justice.

Ms. Bremner’s clients are not always famous or high profile or wealthy.  But no matter who you are, a celebrity, a plumber or the local cop on the beat. You know that she cares, and you know she will not cease fighting for you until justice is served.
Ms. Bremner vows to not rest until the remains of Susan Cox Powell are found, so her parents Mr. & Mrs. Cox can bury her with dignity and with her beautiful sons.

Anne Bremner is Highlight Hollywood’s Legal Advocate of 2015. 

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   AP
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