Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Mike Huckabee And Ben Carson Campaigns Swimming In Debt, Highlight Hollywood News

It’s hilarious listening to these 2016 Presidential candidates all harping about government spending and how they handle their own lives so differently, but alas, we know they are liars and crooks. Two of the biggest are Reverend Mike Huckabee and Uncle Ben Carso, who is the consummate conman and Huckabee, a typical preacher, who preaches one thing but lives quite differently.  But, on to their failed campaigns.
One can’t believe how stupid Ben Carson is, that he bought his own hype? This man is only famous in America because like Bill Cosby, the right wing is always looking for a conman, that chastises other blacks.  Carson lied on President Obama, and it made him an instant favorite of the Fox Nuts crowd, which was never and will never vote for any black man, much less a violent one who tried to hit his mother with a hammer and tried to stab his friend Bob, turned not Bob, to not friend, but close relative with a knife. Really?   Donald Trump spent Monday night joking about “killing journalists,” just like his buddy Putin, and that doesn’t scare Americans? Sickos!
 Mike Huckabee

Internal campaign budget documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal show a political operation hemorrhaging cash. Mr. Carson’s team raised $8.8 million in October and spent $9.5 million—putting the retired neurosurgeon’s effort under water months before the first early-state voters caucus and cast ballots.



The budget documents also undermine the Carson campaign’s Nov. 1 claim that it raised $10 million in October—a figure Mr. Carson himself talked up on Twitter.



Now, he wants us to vote for him? Sure!


Last week Huckabee’s campaign hit a brick wall, when his longtime staffer resigned and his daughter took over the job, only to say, “If we don’t win in Iowa, it’s over for us.”  You, think?  The only thing more crooked than a Baptist preacher is a black Baptist preacher. Good riddance!

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   AP
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