The Bad And The Ugly In 2015, Cosby, Trump, Bill Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Highlight Hollywood News

Sadly four of the worst people in 2015 will follow us into the news chain all throughout 2016 as well.   Bill Cosby’s reign of terror and his holier than thou attitude is history. He’s been stripped bare of his arrogance and it now nothing more than an act he puts on to pretend he has done nothing wrong, but now even his biggest supporters know how foolish they look for defending him and that he has not come clean to them or the world about what went on for over five decades, while being praised by the right wing morons all this time.  Just yesterday, a day before Cosby was charged with rape, a Breitbart columnist wrote, “Why destroy Bill Cosby and not Bill Clinton.” As if any right winger would care about a black man being destroyed, after all they have done to try, but failed to destroy President Obama with propaganda, race baiting fearmongering and lies for eight years. 
Racism didn’t destroy Bill Cosby. Hypocrisy and lies did.  And it will be his four-hour 2005 civil deposition, a case he settled with his alleged victim, that will bury him in a criminal court of law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  There is only one reason why right wing hacks like Breitbart, New York Post (owned by Rupert Murdoch) and Fox Nuts Channel (also owned by Murdoch and a Saudi Prince, who enforces Sharia Law). It’s because Cosby has been the voice and face of speaking out and lying about black men for over four decades, while hiding an evil and despicable secret about who he really is.  They will embrace any Zulu who slanders black men, which is why they toyed with Uncle Ben Carson, a pathological liar until he dared to give their overt racist and birther-in-chief Donald Trump a run for his money, literally in the Iowa primary.  And no black man has or ever will win a primary state in a Republican primary.  trump_clinton
Yes, Donald Trump, the face of racism and bigotry in America is the golden boy of the GOP supporters, who are mostly uneducated  covert racists, and love Trump because he’s an overt racist, and they wish they could get away with the vile language and lies he tells, because he is rich enough to do so without retribution.  But his downfall is also upon us, as the GOP created Trump. All the whining now by the RNC and establishment Republicans is a joke, it was Trump who they touted as “meaningful” when he was the voice and face of birther-ism, which is nothing but racism in America. Somehow the same buffoons don’t care that Ted Cruz has a Canadian birth certificate, and not one from the State of Hawaii, and we all know why.
But who started the birther lies? Bill Clinton, oh yes, the puppeteer who is to this moment controlling and beating the Republican party yet again at their own dirty game, this time using Trump, who has gone on the attack against the Clintons, but it is all an act, it’s not genuine in the least.  Bill Clinton more than anyone knows that Hillary is at her best when her GOP enemies are at their worst. After all, she did become a U.S. Senator from New York, and was not previously even a resident of the State. She wins, because her GOP enemies go too far.   That’s why you don’t hear one of Trump’s GOP contenders siding with him about Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton. Well, Ted Cruz is doing so, but this is the same man who floated that “Donald Trump raped his wife Ivana” around the media with his surrogates just over the summer, but quickly chickened out and figured, he’d “bear-hug Trump out of the race.” His quote not mine.
And who does Donald Trump admire?  Evil and murderous dictator Vladimir Putin, a man he respects and admires, for killing journalists and his political adversaries. Trump is a diabolically evil man, who thankfully won’t become President of the United States, but can live vicariously through his hero and twin Putin of Russia.
So, of all the great things we had in 2015, the worst things were, Bill Cosby still spouting off and now being forced to shut up, Bill Clinton who created the monster birther-in-chief Donald Trump, who has made America a laughing stock around the world, and Putin, who thinks he can invade any country, bully his way around weakling Europe, a Continent so sick of war after two World Wars in the 20TH Century and two thousand years of Christian sectarian violence before that, that they would never stand up to Putin, and he very well understands and takes advantage of that. 
The good news for Americans  is, Trump is a conman, and the same fervor he’s using to rile up the GOP base, to control it, so his friend Bill Clinton will again outsmart the Republicans, will fall away and go back to pretending to be a nice man after he loses the election, Cosby is 78, and has no ability to fool anyone else anymore, Clinton, thanks to the GOP base’s idiocy will be with us for at least four to eight more years, outsmarting his GOP adversaries even more, and Putin will become such a tyrant, that the Russian people will rise up in a bloody rebellion against him. Maybe he’ll kill me for saying this, but I fear not him nor his threats.  But these four men, at least three of them, creations of the right wing’s hatred.
Bill Clinton is strongest when the GOP is fighting him, Trump was pandered to for seven years for his racist views, now he’s gotten control of the right wing bigots, that the Republicans needed in their party for years, but will now destroy them from within, and Bill Cosby was a Democrat, who all right wingers loved, because like Uncle Ben Carson, he was the face and voice that spread their racist narrative,  that also empowered Cosby, and now the GOP doesn’t  know what to say, except, “I didn’t know.”Perhaps the next time sixty or even two women come forward about an American icon in the future, the right wing will not be so quick to call the women liars and sluts and worse?  That should be the lesson of such stupidity.  But this is the right wing after all. They fell for George Zimmerman, dumb Sarah Palin, evil bigoted, racist Cliven Bundy and conman Joe the Plumber, who wasn’t a business owner after all, wasn’t even a plumber, oh, and his name wasn’t Joe either, but memories of idiot John McCain walking around America calling Joe to the stage every rally he had doesn’t really go away.  That’s the problem with the Republicans, they are always looking for that “next great man,” like they did with Cosby, and are always stupid about choosing their “icons.” One day, maybe they will learn? But, I doubt it. Bigotry and racism are stupid and silly, so anyone who is a bigot and/or a racist is stupid and silly themselves.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   AP
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