Disgraced Bill Cosby The Subject Of Fight Within Temple, Which Is Under Pressure To Rescind His Honorary Degree, Highlight Hollywood News


Temple University, which employed Andrea Constand when its benefactor and most famous graduate, Bill Cosby, allegedly drugged her and then forcibly sexually assaulted her, has not rescinded its honorary degree to the comedy legend turned into what those of us who have always known him to be, a monster.



Brandon Lausch, a spokesman for the school, said “Honorary degrees are granted by the university’s board of trustees. It would take an action of the board to rescind a degree. As far as I’m aware, the board has not discussed this.”  But, pressure is building to revoke his honorary degree.


The university’s student newspaper, The Temple News, reports an internal squabble over the inaction in some detail Tuesday.  The school’s faculty senate called for revocation of the honorary degree last month, an action in keeping with measures taken by more than 30 other schools as details of Cosby’s pattern of alleged bad behavior piles up.



The law professor behind the call to strip Cosby of his honorary degree alleged Tuesday that the university has taken no action due to a major conflict of interest.



“The chair of Temple’s Board of Trustees, Patrick O’Connor of Cozen O’Connor, is one of Cosby’s main lawyers,” said Angel Marina by email from Japan, where she is at a Temple satellite campus.



“He has a clear conflict of interest in representing Cosby as his attorney and representing the best interests of Temple University,” she added.



O’Connor, who was given an honorary degree from Temple in 2013, was not immediately available for comment.



Cosby’s days of fooling a large number of people, are behind him. Now it’s just a very small group, and anyone who defends this man should be suspect around young people, especially children, even their own.



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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

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