Former Child Star Lark Voorhies On Bill Cosby, “Anyone Who Defends This Man Is Defending The Devil Himself, Highlight Hollywood News

Former “B&B” actress and child star Lark Voorhies and Bill Cosby are both beloved television stars of the 90’s, and Voorhies didn’t take the normal tack of many of his female fans, to chastise and call his accusers liars and much word.
The disgraced 78-year-old comedian was arrested Dec. 30 in relation to the alleged 2004 sexual assault of former Temple University basketball coach, Andrea Constand. Despite years of allegations by a multitude of women, as well as damning deposition admissions by Cosby himself, many fans of the star had difficulty accepting his fall from grace, and crafted intricate conspiracy theories to explain how the man they loved ended up being charged with sexual assault.

Voorhies, 41, took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the matter. “The man you admired, Dr. Huxtable, was a scripted, imaginary character. Remember, Bill Cosby is not actually Dr. Huxtable,” she said, captioning a photo of Cosby.

The young lady also posted another photo of the comedian, continuing, “And for us african americans to blame race is unimaginary and unacceptable. IT IS NO LONGER 2015.”


She doubled down, insisting, “Anyone who defends this man is defending the devil himself,” she said, adding in another comment, “The truth is in the pudding!”



Voorhies also posted a vintage video of Cosby, in which he laughed with Larry King about slipping drugs into women’s drinks. “On the head of a pin, I put it in the drink, and the girl would drink it, and HELLO!”



Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   AP
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