L.A. Animal Services Awards Lucy Pet Foundation With $500K City Contract, To Provide Mobile Spay & Neuter For Pet Owners In Low Income Regions

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For years, many have advocated helping the inner city and even outskirts desert regions with support for pet owners, who cannot afford reproductive services for their pets.  That will now begin to change. In its ongoing commitment to reducing unwanted pet births, Los Angeles Department of Animal Services has awarded The Lucy Pet Foundation a $500,000.00 per year contract to provide free mobile spay and neuter services to resident pet owners in low income areas of the city.


According to Brenda Barnette, General Manager of LA Animal Services, “I am thrilled to welcome the Lucy Pet Foundation to our team.  As one of the fastest growing non-profit animal assistance organizations in our city, The Lucy Pet Foundation will bring the highest quality state-of-the-art spay and neuter services to our underserved areas.  The organization has exemplified the kind of dedication and capability our department needs to assist and further our ongoing efforts to reduce unwanted pet births.”



Joey Herrick, founder of The Lucy Pet Foundation, has devoted many years to promoting the adoption of rescue pets.  As the creator and former president of Natural Balance Pet Foods, Herrick has redirected much of his success to creating the Lucy Pet Foundation whose centerpiece has been the Mobile Spay & Neuter vans.


Dr. Karen Halligan, graduate of U.C. Davis Veterinary School, is the Chief Veterinary Officer for The Lucy Pet Foundation, and has over 26 years experience providing excellent veterinary service.


Halligan said, “We are grateful and excited about our partnership with Los Angeles Animal Services and look forward to performing our goal of 10,000 spay & neuter procedures throughout the city in the next two years.  We are committed to stop the excessive influx of animals going into the shelters.”


For further information on upcoming scheduled dates and locations for the L.A. Animal Services/Lucy Pet Foundation mobile spay & neuter clinics, please visit: www.lucypetfoundation.org


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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy: Freedom Farmz

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