Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Leonardo DiCaprio And Queen Latifah Spoke To Highlight Hollywood Reacting To DIVERSE Evening & Their SAG Wins

Two of tonight’s TOP WINNERS reacted backstage and told Highlight Hollywood how they felt about their groundbreaking wins.  Everyone expected Leo DiCaprio to win, everyone except the handsome leading man of “The Revenant” himself. As for Queen Latifah, she was quite aware of how SAGS got it right, it was a diverse night for the celebrated awards ceremony, instead of being marred by the self righteous, bigoted words all week previously by “entitled” Academy-winners, who remind me more of the Deep Old South’s defiance against ending Jim Crow law against minorities.

That and the past year I have witnessed buffoonish fans defending two of the most indefensible evildoers, Bill Cosby and Donald Trump, just because they are famous. America needs a good old fashioned moral shower! Collectively! The fans are outrageously stupid for siding with these people and any others, that preach hatred and intolerance. Cosby and Trump have only shined a spotlight on the nation’s stupidity and evil, masked with religion.
LEONARDO DICAPRIO REACTED,  “I just have so much respect for this art form. I really do,” said DiCaprio backstage, as several reporters took out their phones to snap photos of the Oscar-nominated actor. “I feel like we stand on the shoulders of giants. Any young actor that I speak to when they asked me how I started out, [I tell them] it was by watching movies. It was by watching what has been accomplished in our past. It’s a thirst that’s never quenched. Once you see a great film and a great performance, you’re always striving to get somewhere closer to what you remember as a child. So this coming from my fellow actors, it really means a great deal.” He went on to talk about his first role, which was a matchbox cars commercial. “I played a little gangster with slicked back hair,” he said, adding that the lesson he learned from it was to simply know your lines. “Just get that over with because once you learn your lines, then you can kind of settle into all the other moments in a scene,” he said. When asked what song best describes how he’s feeling about his win, DiCaprio laughed. “That’s a lot of pressure,” he said. “Damn, I want to, like, scoot off and then come back and tell you all. I got to get a minute to think about that one. That’s not going to come off the top of my head. I’ll get it to you though.”SAG-queen-latifah
QUEEN LATIFAH REACTED, Latifah said that it depends heavily on want viewers want. “Some of it is already happening, but I think the public has to continue to demand that. We are in a capitalist society so hopefully supply and demand will kick back in. I don’t know what happened to that, but it used to make pretty darn good sense,” she said, adding: “People want it. Give it to the people. It’s OK to evolve and change and grow. Change is inevitable, so let’s go.” The Bessie star also had some words for the next President of the United States: “Please continue to have some damn sense. Do what’s right for the damn people and climate change is a real thing. I hope our next president takes time to use his or her wisdom to before speaking and acting to make the right decisions for all of us as Americans as well as for the world.”
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   AP
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