Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

Missing Teen Girl Nicole Lovell Found Dead, Virginia Tech Student David Eisenhauer Charged, Highlight Hollywood News

The hunting of babies continues, with no end in sight of our girls in America being abused by adult men, who deserve never to see the light of day again. Another baby in America allegedly hunted by a monster. If he’s innocent, DNA will exonerate him.  If he’s not innocent, may no mercy be shown on a man, who took the life of a baby.  I also resent the fact that I have to call a 13-year-old, a teenager. She was not a teen.  She should be worrying about pimples and girlfriends not speaking to her, and warm in her bed under her parents’ roof.  Not in a morgue being autopsied.  Virginia police found the remains of a 13-year-old girl missing for three days on Saturday, and arrested a Virginia Tech student in her death, authorities said.  Searchers had been urgently looking for Nicole Lovell after the liver transplant recipient went missing from her Blacksburg home early Wednesday without her daily medication, police said. 

Her body was found along a highway in Surry County, North Carolina, at around 4 p.m. and by Saturday evening college student David Eisenhauer, 18, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

“This is a sad day for the Blacksburg community. As a parent, I know that this is an unbearable loss for the Lovell family,” Blacksburg Mayor Ron Rordam said in a statement.


Blacksburg police said in a statement that investigators zeroed in on Eisenhauer late Friday and arrested him early Saturday on a charge of abduction. After the girl’s body was found, he was also charged with first-degree murder.


“This investigation is far from over,” Blacksburg Police Chief Anthony Wilson told reporters Saturday. He said investigators will work to establish a timeline of events.



Eisenhauer, of Columbia, Maryland, is a freshman engineering major at Virginia Tech and was staying at a dorm on campus where he was arrested, police and the university said. He is being held without bail at Montgomery County Jail.


The FBI and state and local police were among the agencies searching for Lovell.


Virginia Tech President Tim Sands said the girl’s death and the arrest “has everyone in a state of shock and sadness.”

“Speaking on behalf of our community, let me say that our hearts go out to Nicole’s family and friends,” Virginia Tech President Tim Sands said.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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