Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

[VIDEO]: HBO Making Deal With IMAX® To Put ‘Game Of Thrones’ ‘Hardhome,’ & Jon Snow Twist, On BIG SCREEN, Highlight Hollywood News

In January of 2015, HBO made television history when they debuted “Game of Thrones” on the Big Screen, and not just any big screen, it was IMAX®, the final two Season 4 episodes, which included the exciting penultimate episode “The Watchers On The Wall,” in which the King Beyond The Wall and the Wildling Army, including giants and Thenns marched on The Wall in the Northern region of Westeros. That episode and the finale set up the exciting trailer for Season 5, which teased, not only Tyrion arriving in Pentos, but the dragons growing larger.  They will be twice if not three times the size as they were in Season 5, when Season 6 debuts on Sunday, April 24.

And that’s not all. HBO has a quandary. They made their penultimate episode the famous “Dance of Dragons,” when Daenerys flew on the back of Drogon out of the fighting pits of Meereen, and the eight episode turns out to be their season showstopper, not just their penultimate episode. So, HBO is trying to figure out right now, how they will show both episodes 8 and 9 in their entirety, and also feature elements and scenes from the finale titled “Mother’s Mercy.” Surely on the screen, garnering a Rated R, will be Queen Cersei’s Walk of Punishment.  So, it’s all being discussed between TV’s premium network and the high end IMAX® theater outlets, to get this on board.jon-snow-game-of-thrones-poster
And there will be one hell of a Season 6 debut trailer, which will feature Jon Snow in a big way.  The scene will be short, but it will give viewers even more questions than answers, and excite us even more.
Our sources say, it’s not going to be clear that Jon returns, but it will give us a major clue.  Here’s last year’s Season 4 IMAX trailer:

 And remember, “Hardhome” was last season’s biggest episode, in fact the most ambitious of the series’ five years on air:
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   HBO
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