Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

Conman And Racist Donald Trump Will Win Super Tuesday, And GOP Establishment Has Itself To Blame, Highlight Hollywood News

Every few years America goes nuts and votes in a moron. Normally it’s just an idiot, but this time around Donald Trump encompasses everything that is low class and bad about America. He’s uneducated, obviously from listening to him speak, he got through private schools and a mediocre university with daddy’s money, he’s racist and uses codespeak and “Dog Whistles” to garner support of David Duke and other White Supremacists, he’s a liar, a fraud and a con artist, and a birther, which is nothing more than a racist, and the GOP is whining like mad tonight. Sadly, or not so, they have only themselves to blame.
Just thirty years ago, the GOP and the nation elected a President who thought trees caused pollution. If that was cringe-worthy, it is nothing compared to the buffoon the Republicans are following now. That man was not immoral or an overt racist, and yet Trump is.  Angry uneducated people upset that President Obama, a half-black man is President, and not failing like his predecessor did, are so deranged that they are backing a man who makes Adolf Hitler look sane.  If he’s elected and runs the country into the ground much worse than Dick Cheney, they’ll cry and pout and pull the lever for another Democrat to fix the mess that President Obama had to fix, and even vile bigoted womanizer Bill Clinton also had to fix. Somehow short memories and bigotry outweigh common sense with Republicans, and the fact that Obama has created more jobs in seven years, than any other President, and lowered gas prices to 1980s rates is so upsetting to these morons that they are willing to believe this fantasy lie Trump tells, that America is in such a bad place.
Meanwhile, a REAL billionaire, not a conman worth $900M, Warren Buffet chastised the GOP candidates for lying to morons and hillbillies, telling them that the nation is so bad off, and that their children, as idiot Marco Rubio lies, “are worse off than their parents.” Mr. Buffet, whose wealth is over $50 billion says, “Kids born today are born at the best time, they could not pick a better time to be born in America.”
gop-2016-trump-1Why is the GOP in this mess where they are screaming bloody murder now that a racist bigot, whose father was arrested in Queens, NYC in the 1930s at a KKK rally?  Because the lies the Republican Party has been feeding uneducated people for over 30 years now. Firstly, “vote for me and the economy will trickle down to you.”  Also, failing to get kids educated and putting them in silly schools like Liberty University and Regent, which has only made the young people of poor class families more uneducated, not learning science and math, and learning theology and other superstition doesn’t help anyone get ahead in a global economy, and we are in one despite isolationist idiocy espoused by Donald Trump and other right wing and left wing populist idiots. Trump actually doesn’t even believe the s*** he’s spreading, but he is a con artist, and knows to give people what they want to hear.  Those of us who’d rather give people the truth and let them find out the hard way are better off.
I warned idiots that Bill Clinton was a bad person. Now, they get it, and that Bill Cosby is a monster.  But, people in our country are very unsophisticated and star-struck. By the time they realize they have been lied to by Trump, if you think they are angry and unhappy now, you’ve seen nothing yet.
But,  all of this is NOT Trump’s fault. He is a conman who just swooped down like a chicken hawk to pick up food off the ground, he watched GOP politicians, who now all chastise him, run to Trump Tower over the past decade begging for money and kissing his spray tanned ass.  A narcissist would of course begin to believe his own hype at the rate the Republicans ran his way.
Then you have to realize the stupidity of Republicans. They fall for everyone from con artist Sarah Palin to Joe the Plumber. Remember him? The idiots used to tell me, “Oh Tommy, he’s so intelligent, you should listen to him.” Really? I listen to real intelligent people, not morons. Joe was worried that Obama would raise taxes on his small business. A small business he never had, didn’t own, he wasn’t even a plumber and his name wasn’t even Joe.  But the right wing racists were so “scared” of President Obama, that they sent around racist and stupid emails calling him a Muslim and then on top of it all, they think every right wing chain-email they forwarded was something etched in stone. The morons had no clue that the originator of the chain email had one mission. To put spyware on their computers and anyone else’s that was stupid enough to click on links, that never worked.
Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio
But, the GOP embraced the Tea Party and Birthers, praying that their anger and hatred would be able to be harnessed by a party that is essentially dying, and they have been unable to harness that hatred and rage.offensive-anti-obama-tshirt
Lesson to the GOP, which paid a fortune in 2012 for an autopsy of how they lost an election they should have won, and yet, didn’t listen to their own advice.  The lesson is, stop being racist, it’s the 21ST Century, stop using race and ethnicity to garner power. Most of us are not only interracial anymore, we’re multi-racial.  And most importantly, when you find yourself in a grave yard, cease digging!  And use real issues to make your point, stop race-baiting, and the first African America President deserves the same level of respect that black people gave every President, including some who were slave owners and others who hated blacks and enforced Jim Crow Laws over others.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   AP
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