Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

OSCARS REVIEW: Chris Rock Was Superb, Joe Biden Offered A Powerful Message On Sex Assault, “It’s On Us,” Highlight Hollywood News

It was a wonderful night, but maybe a bit too long.  I really feel bad for the people sitting at home watching the Oscars, because no one ever seems tired in the ballroom or backstage, as the excitement is palpable, especially after Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar! I think Kate Winslet wet her pants. Oh wait, sorry, that’s how the GOP Presidential candidates talk, not polite society.

Chris Rock had a major goal tonight. He had to bring up the problem with diversity, and yes, I agree with him. It’s not the same type of racism I see every day around the country, people standing up and defending racists like Donald Trump and most of the GOP base, but Hollywood has a class problem. It is like a sorority, and the few old bigots, and they are very few, have idiot fans on social media encouraging them to be filled with this “entitlement,” that the South had for centuries and defied civil rights to their fellow Americans.  Hey, at least in Hollywood, 99% of the people believe the Emancipation Proclamation was a good thing. 40 percent of South Carolina voters, who voted for Donald Trump, believe Slavery in America was a good thing and should never have ended. So, when a lying buffoon tells you, they don’t see racism in America, just write that person off and out of your life. You don’t need ignorant people in your life. You need all of the cheerleaders in your life to succeed in this field and most fields. And negativity and buffoonery is not ever beneficial.88th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Chris also managed to walk the tight rope and explain how silly a boycott of tonight’s show was.  People, stop acting like it’s the end of the world. Change is coming, and you have to be at the table when it does come. Hollywood is far from perfect, but at least the vast majority want change and have empathy for minorities. You’d be surprised how few out in our public and people you even know even care.

Joe Biden gave a powerful speech to support Lady Gaga’s Oscar-nominated song about sexual assault. I have been mortified seeing how utterly stupid Bill Cosby fans have been and some still are. One in five girls will be raped by the time they leave college and one in twenty boys will be. So, the idea that rape is something rare and unbelievable is as stupid as the people who defends people like Bill Cosby and Donald Trump.
The show was an hour too long. The truth is, the viewers have to get up the next day and go to work, while we can decide if we want to take the day off. Somehow the show has to become more concise or ratings will continue to drop.

It was truly a celebration of class and talent tonight, and everyone who won deserved their Oscar!

One question, where’s mine?  At least Chris Rock’s girls sold plenty of Girl Scout Cookies!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   ABC; OSCARS
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