‘Empire’ Boss Describes Lyon Family’s “Huge Loss” And Tests For The Family Going Forward, Highlight Hollywood News


It was a devastating night for the Lyon family on Wednesday night’s return of Fox’s mega-hit drama Empire.   The loss at the center of Wednesday’s midseason premiere was unlike any of the other sudden, shocking, over-the-top deaths that came before it. After getting pushed down the stairs at the end of the winter finale, Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday) lost her unborn baby with Andre (Trai Byers).

Will we ever find out who pushed Rhonda?  “We will certainly find it out, but we won’t find it out quickly. It will play up the mystery over the course of the season. And the answer might not be quite so obvious and simple as some people seem to expect it to be,” Kaitlin Doubleday said.


And what about the inclusion of Cookie’s revelation?  “The notion that Cookie is the person who reveals the most, who really is about the family — that’s what that scene is about. Everybody else is playing, and particularly Lucious is constantly positioning and manipulating, and Cookie is trying to bring everyone together and still trying to reclaim what was lost. To be able to reveal something that tender and personal is what makes Cookie Cookie.”


What about the surprise of Cookie beating Hakeem? “If you recall, in the midseason finale, she told him what was what. She spoke to him about priorities: “Yes, we fought for the company. Yes, if I have to put your father in your place in order to protect him and us, I will, but Empire is our legacy,” and Hakeem has put their legacy in danger. He’s committed one of the worst offenses in the Lyon family to expose them all to losing their company, this company that means everything to them. Her anger is justified and it’s certainly not out of the blue. Everything she’s done, including going to prison for 17 years, she did for this company.”

And what about the Lyon Dynasty moving forward? “Part of the drama of the second part of the season is, will it change their dynamic? All of that incredible progress they made, the reclaiming of their relationship that they never had a chance to build because she was gone, is that all going to be lost by this reckless decision that Hakeem has made? Or did she reach him enough? Did she get through to him? And is Hakeem going to be able to course-correct in order to preserve his relationship with Cookie and in order to help her to preserve the family?”


Empire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   Fox
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