Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

Gloria Allred Speaks With Highlight Hollywood Following Partial Win In Cosby Case On Wednesday, Highlight Hollywood News

Bill Cosby faces serious criminal charges in Pennsylvania, which may land him behind bars for up to ten years.  In Los Angeles, he has been battling in the case involving Ms. Judy Huth, who alleges when she was 15-year-old, she became a victim of Bill Cosby at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.  Cosby, through his lawyers has argued that he should not be forced to give a second deposition until he’s completed his criminal case in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Ms. Allred argued that the criminal case could take years, and that the rights of her client Ms. Huth should also be taken into consideration.
On Thursday the LA Superior Court Judge sided partially with Ms. Allred and her argument as well as Bill Cosby, who she reminded faces years in prison in Pennsylvania.  Highlight Hollywood spoke with world famous attorney Gloria Allred on the partial victory, she will be able to continue the civil case and gain evidence through deposing the third party witnesses in the case. 


Today we had a hearing in Los Angeles County Superior Court Santa Monica in our case of Judy Huth v. William H. Cosby.  We were there because Mr. Cosby was seeking to stay (freeze) Ms. Huth’s civil lawsuit against him from moving forward until such time as the criminal case now pending against him in Pennsylvania is resolved.  Ms. Huth alleges in her lawsuit that she was 15 years old when she became the victim of Mr. Cosby’s sexual misconduct at the Playboy Mansion.  We opposed Mr. Cosby’s motion to stay our entire case from moving forward and we won a major victory because the court refused to grant the draconian remedy sought by Mr. Cosby of stopping all discovery in this case until Mr. Cosby’s criminal case is resolved,” said Ms. Allred.


But, Cosby isn’t out of the woods just yet.  “The judge has carefully tried to balance our client’s right to proceed while recognizing Mr. Cosby’s concerns in his criminal case, but the court also recognized that this criminal case could potentially drag on for years.  The judge decided to allow us to proceed with third party depositions even though the criminal case is pending.  For example, we have noticed Mr. Hugh Hefner’s deposition in our lawsuit and the court has now ruled that we are permitted to proceed to take his deposition.  We have also noticed the deposition of Renita Hill for April 8, 2016, and we will be proceeding to take that deposition as well,” the venerable attorney continued.



Although the court has ordered Mr. Cosby to appear for his second deposition in our lawsuit, the court did stay the taking of his second deposition while his criminal case is pending.  However, the court has indicated that we will be permitted to come back to court to revisit this issue of when Mr. Cosby’s second deposition can take place depending on the status of the criminal case.  The court has recognized that the criminal case might take a long time to conclude but the court has also indicated that it would like to move our civil lawsuit along and potentially have the trial in our case in 2017,” attorney Gloria Allred concluded.


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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

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