Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

#NeverTrump Movement Worries The GOP Frontrunner, Meets With RNC Today, Stays Silent On Twitter, Highlight Hollywood News

Donald Trump’s mission for Bill Clinton has taken on a life of its own, and now he’s actually believing that he can not only destroy the Republican Party, which pandered to him and every other birther-racist, or as Trump refers to his supporters, “the poorly educated.” But now he is seeing a pathway to the GOP nomination and yet he’s not smart, he has absolutely no political experience and like his voters, no foreign affairs knowledge and even less morals. All one has to do is listen to the bigotry that spews from his vulgar mouth. His klan rallies are a throwback to the Jim Crow-era in the South and his supporters love that.  The Progressive movement is not always positive, but at least there’s not the racism streak in it.  Now Trump is scared, while Americans’ views of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have dropped since July, a new Gallup poll has found.


In fact, both candidates are faring the worst among all the presidential candidates in terms of favorability — and are perceived as less favorable than ever.



Trump’s net favorability rating — calculated as the percentage of poll respondents who have a favorable view of each candidate, minus the percentage of those with an unfavorable view — is the lowest of any candidate: -35, which is ten points lower than it was in January. Cruz’s rating is now -16, marking a 13-point drop since the start of the year and meaning his image is deteriorating at an even faster rate than Trump’s, according to Gallup.


The findings came from a Gallup poll of more than 3,600 random U.S. adults that was conducted throughout the month of March up until the 28th. That means it was conducted before Trump faced an onslaught of criticism this week. On Tuesday, he was criticized for defending his campaign manager, and chastising the police, even though he’s pandered to the worst elements in America’s law enforcement for a year now.  His campaign is run like the KKK, his own campaign manager  was charged with battery for an incident involving a reporter. The same day, CNN’s Anderson Cooper confronted him for tweeting an unflattering photo of Ted Cruz’s wife. Trump also faced backlash for saying women who have abortions should be punished if the procedure is made illegal.

Trump truly hates women, and it shows every day when he’s on Twitter as a thug.  
The raucous incidents may have an impact on Trump during the GOP primaries well beyond his image. A Marquette University Law School poll, released on Wednesday, showed that Trump is trailing Cruz by ten points in Wisconsin ahead of the state’s Tuesday primary. The finding indicates a big shift since February, when a previous Marquette Law School Poll found that 30 percent of Republican primary voters backed Trump while only 19 percent supported Cruz at the time.



The Gallup poll, however, shows there’s good news for John Kasich. While the Ohio governor only won a single primary (the one in his home state), he has a strong net favorability rating among Americans. In fact, Kasich has the highest favorability rating — +19 — among all the Republican and Democratic candidates.

The only other candidate who still has a positive net favorability rating is Vermont senator and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, with +10.

Gallup notes that Sanders and Kasich most likely have positive net favorability ratings as a result of being “out of the main focus of campaign brickbats and intense media coverage,” and because they’re not perceived as front-runners.


This racist buffoon even added on MSNBC with Chris Matthews, that he’d consider using a nuclear bomb in Europe. This racist moron has no clue, and luckily won’t be in the White House.  The Democrats are very crooked, but the Republicans are very stupid, and stupid is not something you want as the most powerful person on the planet. That and Trump’s racist and misogynist views are just immoral. He is a disgrace.


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   AP
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