Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

[VIDEO]: Hulu’s New Drama ‘The Path’ Handles Religious Cults Very Boldly, Highlight Hollywood News

Religion! My least favorite subject on the entire planet! Yuck!  But, I adore Aaron Paul, so I promised him I’d give his new Hulu series a whirl.  And  I love it!  His new  drama series “The Path” is bold and very gripping in the category of religion.   As conceived by Jessica Goldberg and Jason Katims, who worked together on NBC’s “Parenthood,” “The Path” explores the power of faith — and the lack thereof. It’s a classic family drama mixed with a psychological thriller set in the world of an emerging religious movement (don’t call it a cult).

“It was a very difficult sell,” admits Goldberg of shopping the script. “I think people really responded to it, but were ultimately afraid. I think religion is just a subject people don’t feel comfortable taking on.”

Not Hulu. “Obviously a Jason Katims script goes to the top of the pile,” says Craig Erwich, Hulu’s head of content. “First and foremost, we want to be in business with premium talent. ‘The Path’ just seemed like a natural extension of what he and Jessica have done so well, but with a provocative, of-the-moment subject matter at the heart of it.”

Talented actor formerly with NBC’s “Hannibal,” Hugh Dancy stars as Cal Roberts, the charismatic leader of the Meyerist Movement, a group based in upstate New York that believes in a higher purpose, “seeking the light” and “unburdening sins.” Devoted husband and father Eddie (“Breaking Bad’s” Aaron Paul) has begun questioning his beliefs, but his wife, Sarah (“True Detective’s” Michelle Monaghan) grew up in the movement and couldn’t be more steadfast in her belief. For Eddie, being honest with the group would mean losing her — and his family — forever.

It’s those auspices that has imbued Hulu with confidence in the series, no matter how challenging the subject matter. It’s the first original drama launched under Erwich, who took the top content position two years ago.the-path-aaron-paul-image_1531_0_0


“My feelings about the show eclipse the fact that it’s our first,” Erwich says. “Whether it’s our first, second, third or 10th, I love this show.”


Paul wasn’t looking to return to TV after six years on AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” but his reps insisted he look at the script. Admittedly, it took a fair bit of wooing. “He definitely went on some personal journey to decide whether he’d back on TV, but I think the material must have spoken to him in some way.



Take a sneak-peek.



Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   Hulu
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