‘Walking Dead’ Actor Promises, ‘People Are Going To Hate Negan’ After Season 6 Finale, Highlight Hollywood News


“The Walking Dead” season six finale airs Sunday, April 3.  The shocking 90-minute episode is going to be devastating.  AMC has teased the entry of the show’s next big villain, Negan, in promo photos and a finale teaser.  And we fear for our fan-faves, because at least one, yes, at least, one will be killed on Sunday night.


The actor who portrays Dwight spoke Tech Insider, which recently caught up with Austin Amelio, one of Negan’s right-hand men. Amelio said Jeffrey Dean Morgan will not disappoint in the season six finale.   “He’s awesome. He fully embodies Negan,” Amelio promises.



For those who aren’t familiar with Negan, he’s a former car salesman who loves to drop the f-bomb and has a twisted sense of humor. In many ways, he appears to be the antithesis of the show’s protagonist, Rick Grimes. Negan is charismatic but pure evil.



The character famously wields a barbed-wired bat named Lucille which he uses to carry out his own brand of justice. He’s a character fans love to hate before discovering that they actually kind of love him. Negan’s hilarious, though incredibly terrifying.

“People are going to hate him, but he’s an incredible actor and he … I’ll just say he does Negan more than justice. That’s for sure,” he says. “I was just sitting there when they were filming, watching him. I mean, I was in the scene as well, but there were some times where I would have a break and he would have to do his stuff. He’s so on point with Negan, it’s scary. It’s like haunting.”the-walking-dead-michonne-glenn

“It’s going to be quite the episode. He’s incredible,” Amelio says. “It’s scary.”

Amelio revealed he’ll be in a scene with Negan as well. It’s not clear whether he was referencing a potential flashback scene with Negan, but the last time we saw Dwight, he was with Daryl (Norman Reedus), Michonne (Danai Gurira), Glenn (Steven Yeun), and Rosita (Christian Serratos), holding them captive.


Dwight also shot Daryl, but Amelio told us the fan favorite is fine. He shot him in the shoulder, but now they’ll all face Negan.  And it’s going to be horrifying.


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   Gene Page/AMC
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