North Korea’s Dictator Endorses Republican Donald Trump, Highlight Hollywood News

Donald Trump
After watching Donald Trump devolve into a name-calling mess on Tuesday, one can see why he likes Putin and North Korea’s dictator so very much. He has so much in common with both men, and I use the word men describing the three of them, very loosely.  After 5 months of not planning to donate a dime to the Veterans, when he was too frightened to debate Ted Cruz on Fox News, Trump was shamed into giving money, and it should be noted, that 99% of the checks were written after he was called out by the Washington Post. Trump is a racist and vermin, and his supporters are scary people who harbor a lot of sneaky racism and they just see their own in him.  That being said, the GOP has itself to blame for cultivating racists and anarchists, after 50 years of telling the poorly educated bigots that the government is evil and out to get them. So, they created the base, not Trump, he deserves being blamed for birtherism, amazingly, he can dish it out, but as we see from Tuesday’s presser, he can’t take it.  Thin skinned and whiny, as Bill Maher calls him.  But he is not responsible for creating these monsters who support him.
They were created when he was conning NBC viewers into watching him and thinking he was a liberal-minded person, not a racist and bigot and misogynist.  But now that he’s running for office, he’s finally able to show his true face, and in addition to it being orange, it’s pretty hideous, inside and out.  But, not according to a mass murdering dictator.

 An editorial in the state-owned DPRK Today praised Trump as a “wise politician” and “far sighted presidential candidate” — specifically for his plans to pull U.S. troops out of the Korean Peninsula if South Korea doesn’t pay more to station them there.


“So all I’m saying is this: They have to pay. And you know what? I’m prepared to walk, and if they have to defend themselves against North Korea, we have a maniac over there,” Trump said.


Oh, what joy, a maniac calling another maniac the same thing. Two peas in a pod.  This endorsement may just top the KKK endorsement the racist moron received last year.



Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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