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It’s Magic Celebrates 60 Years of Illustrious Imagery With Iconic Illusionists In October

For 60 years, “It’s Magic!” has been a highly anticipated annual tradition, entertaining sell out crowds at numerous and elite venues. On Oct 29th (8:00pm to 10:00pm), this fan favorite production will return to the original location, where it all started – The Wilshire Ebell Theatre.It’s Magic! has been delighting generations of families and magic enthusiasts for an unprecedented 60 years. This dazzling live stage show is unique in that it features top professional magicians from all over the world, with each act carefully selected to represent the variety of the arts of magic. The audience will see internationally recognized and award-winning magicians direct from Las Vegas and Hollywood’s Magic Castle (aka Academy of Magical Arts) perform sleight of hand, full stage illusions and comedy.The all- new 2016 lineup includes Jonathan Pendragon, Goldfinger & Dove, Dimmare, Justin Wilman, David & Damia, Jeff McBride, Kalin & Jinger, Darren Romeo, and TONY award winner, Jay Johnson.Milt on stairwayreduced (1)“It’s Magic” Promo with Milt Larsen Below:

Over the past 59 years the show has introduced Southern California audiences to such legendary magicians as Harry Blackstone (Junior and Senior), Frankson, Tenkai, Dia Vernon, Mister Electric, John Calvert, Senor Wences, Richiardi, Chang, Mark Wilson and many more major magic stars. as well as launching such newcomers as Harry Anderson, Mark Kalin, The Pendragons and Lance Burton. Its magic follows a tried and true formula that dates back to Vaudeville. It is an all magic variety show. Every act is a headliner and the acts range from elaborate full stage productions to masterful manipulators.

The event is set for Saturday Oct 29th at 8:00pm at  The Wilshire Ebell Box Office, located at 4401 W. 8th Street, LA, CA 90005

Tickets: $30 – $95 trough TicketsR.com or calling 818-377-2101The tradition of an all-star magic show started in 1956: http://www.itsmagicshow.com/backstage.html
  ItsMagicLineUpThe success of recent film trilogies such as “Harry Potter,” “Lord of the Rings,” and the adventures of Percy Jackson, the demand for all things magical including paraphernalia has been flooding the market. However, the story of magic predates film, television and even the vaudeville stage by centuries. In fact, the artistry of illusion is as old as recorded history itself and its roots can be found as far back as the Egyptian Pharaohs. There have been written transcripts found on papyrus and even in the Bible, reporting the presence of magicians performing in the streets and marketplaces of ancient Greece and Rome and even as ancient art forms that can be traced back to the Chinese Han Dynasty (206 BC ˆ 24 AD). From China and their early mastery of the magic mirror to India’s famous rope tricks, as well as the courtrooms of the Kings and Queens of Europe, magic has fascinated the public. Some say that magic is the most universal of the performing arts, as it translates so easily from one culture to another.”It’s Magic” pre-dates the world famous Magic Castle. Long before J.K. Rowling had dreampt of a boy named Harry and a place called Hogwarts, Milt Larsen, was pursuing a family legacy of magic and had already co-founded the world famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles, where magicians world wide would eventually call home. Now, the celebrated writer and producer of film, daytime/primetime television and Hollywood Walk of Famer, Mr. Milt Larsen is taking the Magic Castle Brand further (China, the Middle East and Europe) with a new partnership with both Scott Free Productions and Radar Pictures.  Ridley’s Scott’s Scott Free Productions has partnered with Radar Pictures to produce THE MAGIC CASTLE. The joint venture seeks to develop entertainment properties based the world famous Magic Castle across all platforms. Created by Milt Larsen, the Magic Castle has been epicenter of Magic since opening its doors in 1963. Radar had originally set up the project with Fox, but the rights reverted back earlier last year. Starting with a feature film, Radar/Scott Free will be talking to new prospective studio partners and simultaneously exploring TV and digital opportunities. The new venture will also help to franchise the Magic Castle to other cities and locations around the world. Talks to open new Magic Castle locations in China, the Middle East and Europe are already underway. Radar’s Mike Weber, Ted Field and Scott Free’s Scott and Michael Schaefer will produce the project. Castle Creator/President, Milt Larsen, and MCI COO, Dale Hindman, will serve as exec producers.MILT LARSEN (Producer) and his late Brother Bill full-filled a life long dream of their father’s when they opened a  club for Magicians in 1963, The Magic Castle the most famous and successful magic enterprise in the world, with a current roster of approximately 5,000 members internationally. Milt Larsen was the magic consultant for the multi-million dollar Caesars Magical Empire project at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. He has produced and written numerous stage shows and musicals (collaborating several times with the redoubtable Sherman Brothers). His more recent Television credits are as Co-Executive Producer / Writer of the Magicians Favorite Magicians Special for CBS Television, and consultant for Now You See It -The History of Magic for The Learning Channel, as well as releasing his memoirs entitled, “The Magical Journey: The First 30,000 Days.”.

TERRY HILL (Producer) for the past 40 years, has produced and staged throughout the country, major shows and special events starring some of the biggest names in show business. He has worked with everyone from Bob Hope to Paul Mc Cartney to Michael Jackson. He has staged the NFL Super Bowl Party; five times produced the CBS Television Affiliates Convention; and co-produced the local Emmy Awards, the Miss California/Miss Universe television Specials, and the first HDTV Special for CBS. He has created and staged shows for Disneyland, Universal Tours. Las Vegas Hotels, Performing Arts Centers, State Fairs, Amusement Parks, and for major corporate events. He continues to produce concerts and stage shows featuring well known stars and special themed productions.

DALE HINDMAN (Director) was introduced to magic by his grandfather at age 5 and his involvement has continued to grow throughout the years both as a performer and as a director with dozens of productions including: directing MagiFest, Columbus, Ohio:The IBM International Shows, Siegfried and Roy Present Darren Romeo, the Voice of Magic..: and Keith Evans Variety Review. He has been directing It’s Magic! For 22 years.. In addition he has been Executive Producer of the Annual Academy of Magical Arts, Inc. Awards Show & Banquet. He is also managing some of the top new talent in the world of magic.as well as some rising actors. He serves as consultant to TV projects and other magicians around the world. He is also President Emeritus of The Academy of Magical Arts, Inc. He currently is the Chief Operating Officer of Magic Castles Inc and Producer for The Great White Way! A musical by Richard M. Sherman and Milt Larsen. In addition, he is in much demand as a technical director for stage and magic shows. At least 3 times a year, Dale performs his “Man with the Midas Touch Act” for audiences at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. The act centers around money as its theme and concludes with an amazing feat that is rarely duplicated in the magic world with the same lighting speed.

Josh Stern Photography, Exclusively For Highlight Hollywood
Josh Stern Photography, Exclusively For Highlight Hollywood
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Magic Castle
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