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EXCLUSIVE: Valerie Harper, Liz Torres & Harmony Santana In ‘My Mom And The Girl,’ See Trailer Here, (VIDEO), All-Star Premiere

On Monday, August 1st, 2016, Go Girl Media held the cast and crew screening of “My Mom and the Girl” in the famous Charlie Chaplin Theatre at Raleigh Studios. Among the friends and colleagues in attendance with Charlotte Rae, Arlene Golonka, Donna Mills, Dawn Wells and Ed Asner.
“The screening was like having a baby and a wedding at the same time,” Susie Singer Carter (producer/write/director/actress of “My Mom and the Girl”) said.   Adding, “I witnessed the film elicit an overwhelming emotional response that was not only gratifying but validated my vision to to take the fear associated with Alzheimer’s and replace it with clarity and a conversation that includes gratitude and joy. Valerie Harper, Liz Torres, Harmony Santana and the entire cast exceeded all expectations. I am more inspired than ever.”

Valerie Harper and Liz Torres

A true story based on a former singer named Norma “Nanny” (Valerie Harper) from the East Coast, now suffering from Alzheimers, has a chance encounter after leaving the safety of family and friends to explore the streets of East Los Angeles. With her watchful caregiver, Irlanda (Liz Torres), on her heals, their brief but adventurous journey takes a dark turn when they stumble upon “the Girl” (Harmony Santana), a wild character with an unexpected narrative. The meeting proves to have a profoundly positive effect on three very disparate – desperate – women with unpredictable results. Fearlessly facing potential dangers with sardonic humor as they face crossroads in each of their lives, an urban adventure becomes a funny, poignant, and surprisingly encouraging story, where apparent disabilities can be redefined as gifts.

Susie Singer Carter, Charlotte Rae, Liz Torres, Valerie Harper, Donna Mills and Dawn Wells
Susie Singer Carter, Charlotte Rae, Liz Torres, Valerie Harper, Donna Mills and Dawn Wells
Arlene Golonka, Ed Asner and Valerie Harper
Arlene Golonka, Ed Asner and Valerie Harper
Producers Susie Singer Carter, Don Priess. Romell Foster-Owens and Tony Cacciotti, with cinematography by Chris Tufty, bring together a remarkable ensemble, including Valerie Harper, Liz Torres, Harmony Santana, Emilka Kasprowicz, Joshua McClenney, Rick Singer, DawnMarie Ferrara and Susie Singer Carter.
See the incredible film’s trailer here:

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:    David Walsh Photography
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