Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

Extremely Disturbing Video Released By Authorities In Louisiana Of Cops Shooting And Killing A 6-Year-Old Boy

The blind faith of police is something that is not understandable in America. In a nation that watches Fox Nuts and right wing talk radio, and a Republican Presidential Candidate that spins deceitful conspiracies on a daily basis, one based in racism that he employed for eight years, one would think that cops would also be asked questions and not just supported and called victims in every incident. But, just like Americans didn’t care what the KKK was doing to blacks, Jews and Catholics in the South, it wasn’t long before they were doing the same things to whites, and then the US Government decided to do smethign and crack down on abuses and their terror over others.  After a police body camera captured two deputy city marshals firing on a car and killing a 6-year-old boy, the head of the Louisiana State Police said the video was the most disturbing thing he’s seen.

Nearly a year later, the public is getting its first look at the graphic footage.


The state judge presiding over the murder cases against the two deputies allowed reporters to make copies of the tape Wednesday after a hearing where it was formally introduced as evidence.boyshotbycops


Prosecutors and defense attorneys previously described in writing how the footage depicts the shooting, which occurs less than a minute into the video. The rest of the nearly 14 minutes of footage shows the stomach-churning aftermath, as the officer with the body camera checks on the lifeless body of Jeremy Mardis while his critically wounded father, Christopher Few, lies bleeding on the pavement.


Prosecutors showed the tape in court Wednesday to support their claim that one of the deputies, Derrick Stafford, had a pattern of excessive force, including last November’s fatal shooting of Jeremy in Marksville.


Matthew Derbes, a prosecutor from Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office, said Stafford’s pattern of hurting people he’s arresting also provides a motive for shooting at Few while his hands are raised.


“MOtive is something the jury wants to hear,”  Derbes said. “Why would they do this?”



Defense attorneys for Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr. argue the deputies acted in self-defense. They claim Few drove recklessly while leading officers on a two-mile chase and then rammed into Greenhouse’s vehicle as he was exiting it, before he and Stafford opened fire.

The video from the body camera worn by Marksville police Sgt. Kenneth Parnell III lacks audio for the first 27 seconds. The deputies began shooting before the audio begins.


Prosecutors say the video shows the deputies firing from a safe distance from Few’s car. Stafford’s attorneys, however, argue the 27-second-long segment without audio makes it impossible to determine if he started shooting before or after Few raised his hands inside the car.


After the shooting and sirens stop, somebody yells at Few to show his hands. Few is slumped over the bloodstained door on the driver’s side of his car when officers approach him.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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