Kevin Trask And ‘That’s Entertainment’ To Interview Actress Charlotte Stewart On Saturday Night In The U.S., LISTEN LIVE

Charlotte Stewart is a legend and a beloved TV and film star in Hollywood.  But to fans around the globe, including in Australia, she’ll always be “Little House on the Prairie’s,” ‘Miss Beadle.’ The star spoke with Highlight Hollywood recently just before her book was released, and it’s the best biography in years.  The prolific actress continues to work in Hollywood, but her life has not been easy. “I figured I’d have to tell the truth about it all, Tommy, that’s the only reason to write a book like this,” she said.
And she will be making her Aussie radio debut on 96.5FM’s “That’s Entertainment” which airs in Melbourne, AU on Sundays at noon.  The show, hosted by Kevin Trask is also available online, on Saturday evenings in U.S. You can tune in just before 7 PM/PT (West Coast); 10 PM/ET (East Coast), and listen to Australia’s best radio-man interview a living legend that will make very shocking but honest revelations about her book titled, LITTLE HOUSE IN THE HOLLYWOOD HILLS: A Bad Girl’s Guide to Becoming Miss Beadle, Mary X, and Me.charlotte-stewart-book-cover
Charlotte told me how excited she is to be returning to the role of Mrs. Briggs in the upcoming Showtime “Twin Peaks” reboot, and I can assure you, Lynch fans will absolutely love it.
“That’s Entertainment With Kevin Trask” is produced by David Miller. Tune in Saturday night in the U.S. here.
Some of Charlotte’s book highlights below, and our review of her tome here!    And you can order Charlotte’s bestselling biography on

* Attempted suicide – In the late 1960s, husband Tim Considine, said they should stop drinking and smoking pot. He did, she didn’t. Feeling guilty and out of control, she attempted suicide with an overdose of Miltown, a precursor to Valium.


* Divorce – Charlotte and Tim Considine divorced in the late 1960s and Jordan Hahn, in the early 1980s

* Jim Morrison – Charlotte befriended Jim Morrison of The Doors. They had a drinking-buddy/friends-with-benefits relationship. Jim invited Charlotte on a road trip and she brought along her Super 8 mm camera and for the first time reveals never-before-see footage of their trip together, taken about six months before Morrison’s death.charlittlegirl40s

* Twin Peaks/David Lynch – Charlotte is the only member of the cast or crew to write about the experience of making the show. She is slated to reprise her character, Betty Briggs, in the Showtime’s 2017 reboot.

* Alcohol addiction and recovery – After Little House in the Prairie, Charlotte sank deep into alcohol and cocaine dependency and lost everything. Too poor to buy cocaine, the woman who had played America’s most beloved schoolteacher started smoking crack and living on vodka and hotdogs. In Aug 1984 she entered rehab and remained sober for 27 years.

* Breast cancer – In early 1991 Charlotte two cancer surgeries – weeks apart – to remove a malignancy in her right breast, along with surrounding breast tissue, and the lymph nodes under her arms. After six weeks of radiation, has been cancer free.

* Death of a spouse – Charlotte became the caretaker of her third husband, David Banks. He died a devastating death at home with Charlotte at his side in 2012.

* Eraserhead/David Lynch – Charlotte is the only member of the cast or crew to write about the experience of making this cult classic.


Producer David Miller, Host Kevin Trask Enjoy Watching Tommy In "Queen Of The Lot"

Producer David Miller, Host Kevin Trask Enjoy Watching Tommy In “Queen Of The Lot”

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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