Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

The Paranormal World Flocks To Kentucky, To Get Scared At The Scarefest, By Clay Johnson

Since 2008, Lexington, Kentucky has been the go-to location for ‘all things eerie and mysterious’.  This weekend will mark the 8th annual Scarefest convention, and for those who love all things paranormal, horror, and mysterious, this is the place you want to be.


The Scarefest is a collective cluster of all things that make you scared to look under your bed at night.  Since its inception, owner Patti Starr, has focused this convention around the dark & twisted, the eerie & unknown, and the paranormal & down-right horrific.  2016 appears to be nothing less than extraordinary.


This year’s convention has horror guests like Matthew Lillard, from Scream and 13 Ghosts, Kane Hodder (a Scarefest alumni) who was Jason in Friday the 13th, as well as other horror actors that were scary enough to make you want to hold your mom’s hand, during movies such as Sleepaway Camp, and Children of the Corn.  John Franklin, who played Isaac in the original 1984 Children of the Corn will be there.  That little kid still scares me.

Did I mention Lita Ford.  I should have; I mean, it’s Lita Ford.  She will be there, as well.  80’s rock goddess.  But before I get off subject, let’s talk about the paranormal…

The list of paranormal celebrities that will be attending, this year, is staggering.  I’ve seen my fair share of paranormal A-listers, during my Scarefest visits, but this one just make take the prize.

Let’s start from the top. Ghost Hunter’s front man, Jason Hawes, will be in attendance.  Joining him, will be the un-identical twins of Steve Gonzales and Dave Tango, also from Pilgrim Films’ Ghost Hunters.  My dear friends;  Chip Coffey, from Psychic Kids and Coffey Talk, Elizabeth Saint from the Destination America’s hit paranormal show Ghosts of Shepherdstown, and Ghost Hunter’s Academy alum, Rosalyn  Brown, paranormal investigator and psychic will also all be in attendance.  They have some of the the Ghost Hunter’s International and Haunted Collector members in attendance, just to make sure no one gets left out. img_0005

Then, there are the vendors. Oh, the vendors!  You can walk the massive isles of the Lexington Convention Center and purchase items that you didn’t even know that you needed.  You can have a psychic reading, purchase Scarefest shirts & hats, ghost hunting equipment, books on the paranormal, Halloween costumes and props, and even get your first tattoo. ( Myself and Jesslyn Brown, from Haunted Collector, have ours to prove it!)

Not to be forgotten this year, and what makes this possibly even more exciting, is the National Ghost Hunting Day kickoff on Saturday evening.  EVERY PERSON in the world has an opportunity to be a part of this, either through the online viewing system, or a local ghost hunting group that is participating in this world-wide paranormal event.  I for one, cannot wait for this event.  For being the first year, the participation is impressive; and since it is now a major ‘National Day’, right behind the holidays of Christmas and Thanksgiving, it is sure to
gather steam and will undoubtedly be even more exciting next year.img_0006

If you don’t have plans this weekend, I highly suggest you hightail it to Kentucky.  I’m sure they can find a few extra tickets for you.    If you are too late to get into the VIP Parties, then be sure to sit back and relax at one of the lectures, and listen to the stories from these paranormal celebs.  You might just learn a thing or two.

Written by: Clay Johnson, Sr. Paranormal Investigative Reporter
Photographs are Courtesy:  The Scarefest
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