This Week ‘New World Order’ A Film By The Ferrara Bros. Opens In L.A. At Laemmle Theaters

In just days there will be a “New World Order,” at least hitting theaters in Los Angeles.  The acclaimed Ferrara brothers are debuting the film at the famed Laemmle Theaters in Pasadena and North Hollywood.Yes, the wait is at long last over, and you can join the revolution this Friday on September 23.
The dramatic film directed by the Ferrara Brothers stars Marzio Honorato, Mario Ferrara and Benni Branco.

The tagline:  When a cop discover a shocking #conspiracy, dating back thousands years ago, he’ll stop at nothing to get to the truth in #NewWorldOrder starring Mario Ferrara, Benni Branco and Marzio Honorato.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  New World Order Movie
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