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HBO Drops New PHOTOS From ‘Westworld’s Exciting ‘Contrapasso’ Top Key Moments From The Episode

“Westworld” is heading into its homestretch of Season 1, and we await a Season 2 renewal, which will be announced soon.  The hit show has truly captured viewers’ attention and here are

Listen To 16-Minutes Of Kyle MacLachlan Reading ‘The Secret History Of Twin Peaks’ And Order Info Here

Spoiler alert!  Those reading Mark Frost’s great novel, turn away if you haven’t reached page 169 of The Secret History of Twin Peaks just yet. In case you have and are considering the audiobook —available for

Breaking News: Sheriff’s Office: 8-9 Injured In Colonial Pipeline Explosion In Shelby County, Alabama, (VIDEO)

Officials on the scene say eight to nine Colonial Pipeline subcontractors were working on the gas pipeline trying to flush out one of the lines when it exploded, Shelby County Sheriff Maj.

The 13 Women Prosecutors Have On Their Cosby Rape Case Witness List, Who Could Sink The Disgraced Comedian

Even in the 1970s I heard lots about Bill Cosby’s alleged behavior with women and young girls in this business.  The fact that I watched in horror as he went around the country

‘Game Of Thrones’ Penultimate Season’s Director Lineup Confirmed, And It Means Winter And The White Walkers Are Here

It’s that time again,  directors line-up for Game of Thrones season 7 has given way to more questions than answers,  as the announcement in June provided only names, no details, this year. EW announced that Jeremy

HBO’s ‘Westworld': First Selection Of Music Released On iTunes

The first five episodes of HBO’s Westworld have featured robots, gunfights, twists and turns,  and some epic scores. Now, fans can own one of those.On Monday, the first selection of music from the

‘The Occupant Of The Castle Attic,’ By Dustin J. Pari

Whilst traveling with the Ghost Hunters International program I had the opportunity to investigate a wonderfully creepy old castle out in the darkened remote woods of the old Czech Republic.  They said

Conman Trump Owes His Pollster $767,000, Refuses To Pay Up, Company Plans To Sue The Fake Republican Candidate

Trump is not a real Republican, he only used the Republican racist and uneducated, star-struck base to garner the nomination, something Democrats would never have fallen for.   After declaring that employing a pollster

The Haunted Hotel, A Story By KJ McCormick Of An Historic Hotel Built In 1901

It was my third investigation with Ghost Hunters. We were in upstate New York in the dead of winter. We would be there for roughly two weeks before the investigations and evidence

Man Dressed As Freddy Krueger At Halloween Party Shoots Five People

A man dressed as fictional supernatural film cult classic serial killer Freddy Krueger opened fired and shot five people at a residential Halloween party in San Antonio in the early hours of