Burke Ramsey Sues Werner Spitz For $150M Following Outrageous JonBenet Death Accusations

So many looking for their fifteen minutes of fame for going on talk radio and cable news networks opining about the JonBenet Ramsey brutal murder, and after decades of smearing, defaming and slandering John and Patsy Ramsey, the new target is a wonderful young man, who just happens to be JonBenet’s older brother. Older by three years.  How outlandish and outrageous these tabloid hounds looking for fame are, to paint this young man, who never got into any trouble, never been accused of a crime and graduated from an Ivy League school, to now call him a diabolical murderer, compared to John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Tim McVeigh, Ted Bundy and Dennis Rayder, the BTK Killer. How dare these people attack this young man’s character. His beautiful mother Patsy may not be able to fight for him and stand by him through this storm of lies and controversy, but one of the nation’s top litigators, plus his father John Ramsey, living half-siblings and Ramsey allies will stand by Burke’s integrity and fight hand and hand in the trenches until these quacks and crackpots are living out of homeless shelters and broke.
To slander and defame anyone with ludicrous accusations is bad, but to smear a  young man, who was a child of 9-years-old when a monster broke into his family’s Boulder, Colorado mansion and murdered and raped his sister is outrageous and immoral.  Anyone who knew John and Patsy Ramsey knows that they are incapable of not only murder, and rape, but of covering it up. Their love for Burke would have meant getting him help, not making him a liar, like those who opine about this case as if they are experts, and fishwife neighbors in Boulder, who didn’t know the family as well as they claim they do.  The idea of garnering attention to honor JonBenet and to refocus attention on finding her murderer 20-years later was blown by CBS and all of these charlatans who want us to believe this young man is anything but a fine, upstanding young person.  He can’t even go out on a date anymore without someone wondering about his character. $150 million isn’t enough to get his good name back, but it’s enough for him to put a good down payment on trying to get his name back.  And I wholeheartedly hope his attorney sues even more of these blood sucking leeches, spinning tales of a 9-year-old mastermind murderer, who would murder his sister. Despicable of anyone to say such a thing, especially those who never even met Burke.
JonBenet Ramsey’s brother has filed a $150 million lawsuit against a pathologist who claimed that he killed his sister.   In the suit, Burke Ramsey claims that Werner U. Spitz has “a disturbing history of making false statements related to the brutal murder of young girls.”BurkePatsyJonBenetRamsey

“On or about September 19, 2016, Werner Spitz … provided an interview to CBS Detroit for, inter alia, a radio broadcast to the public in general (the “Interview”), in which he explicitly and falsely stated that Burke Ramsey killed his sister, JonBenet Ramsey,” the lawsuit, filed in circuit court in Michigan, reads.

The suit, dated Thursday, goes on to claim that Spitz’s expert testimony has been “repeatedly excluded and called into question,” and that his opinions have been characterized as “simplistic and preposterous.”

According to the suit, Spitz claimed that Burke Ramsey, who was nine at the time of his sister’s death,”bludgeoned her to death.”


“Defendant Spitz made this accusation without ever examining, JonBenet’s body, without visiting the crime scene, and without consulting with the pathologist who performed the autopsy on JonBenet,” the lawsuit asserts.

Ramsey’s suit claims that he has suffered damages including “economic damages, damages to his reputation, mental anguish and special damages.”


The defamation suit seeks at least $50 million in compensatory damages, and at least $100 million in “exemplary and/or punitive damages.”


Pageant contestant JonBenet Ramsey was found dead at age six in her family’s Boulder, Colorado, home in 1996. Her death has attracted increased media attention this year, with Lifetime planning to air a docu-drama about her death in November, and CBS airing a two-part, four-hour special in September.


Spitz’s office declined to comment. Perhaps he knows Lin Wood is no one to toy with.  Good luck in court! And may Burke Ramsey prevail.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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