HBO Drops New PHOTOS From ‘Westworld’s Exciting ‘Contrapasso’ Top Key Moments From The Episode


“Westworld” is heading into its homestretch of Season 1, and we await a Season 2 renewal, which will be announced soon.  The hit show has truly captured viewers’ attention and here are some key points from last night’s episode.

So much happened in this episode that it’s easy to overlook the Elsie (Shannon Woodward) story. Doing so would be a major mistake: Elsie discovers that the straying, self-head-bashing host was armed with a laser-based satellite uplink, literally in his arm, used to smuggle information out of Westworld.  That’s unclear, as is the person responsible for tinkering with the host. What is clear, if it wasn’t already, is that someone on the inside is working toward an outside agenda.westworld-dissonancetheory-10
It’s “Dolores,” of course, at least it is for Teddy (James Marsden). The Man in Black (Ed Harris) realizes that he needs Teddy in order to track down Wyatt and, therefore, the Maze he’s searching for. How does the Man bring Teddy along for the ride? By pumping him up with a few gallons of blood liberated from a freshly killed Lawrence (Clifton Collins Jr.), and telling him that Wyatt has Dolores as a hostage. It’s a lie, of course, but it’s more than enough fuel to get Teddy back on the hunt.westworld-dissonancetheory-12
Logan (Ben Barnes) convinces William (Jimmi Simpson) to tag along on a mission to steal nitroglycerine from a bunch of Union soldiers. At first, William is very much against the idea, but he gets into the spirit of things as soon as Dolores’ life is threatened. William kills a host who is about to kill Dolores, then kills another one out of seemingly pure instinct, then kills a third to save Logan. “That’s the spirit! I knew you would get into this place,” Logan shouts — and if certain theories pan out, Logan has no idea just how much William’s going to get into it.westworld-dissonancetheory-14 westworld-dissonancetheory-13
Of course, Logan is thrilled with his victory earlier in the day, the sex party at present and the promise of joining Westworld’s war narrative in the near future. William? Not as excited. The two “friends,” if you can call them that, get into a big scuffle where they both air their grievances against each other. In the moment, it looks like Logan’s the winner, but it’s William who has the last laugh. After the “Confederales” find out that their TNT has been stolen and replaced with liquor, they immediately turn the tables against the patsies Lawrence has left behind — including Logan, who gets captured while William happily watches. That’s going to be an awkward scenario to revisit at William’s wedding.westworld-dissonancetheory-11 westworld-dissonancetheory-9
The Confederales surround William and Dolores, and it’s almost lights out… until Dolores channels her inner Terminator and systematically shoots the mercenaries dead. She explains herself to a dumbstruck William: “You said people come here to change the stories of their lives? I imagined a story where I didn’t have to be the damsel.” With that, William and Dolores hop on a train headed out of Pariah, alongside Lawrence, their next moves unknown.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  John P. Johnson/HBO
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