Jerry Weintraub, Friend Of Presidents, George Clooney, Frank Sinatra, Beverly Hills Mansion Available For $22.5M

In 1988 when George H.W. Bush was elected the 41st U.S. president, he and wife Barbara walked into the Beverly Hills home of producer Jerry Weintraub and his wife, Jane Morgan, who had been gearing up for a big celebration (Weintraub owned a home near the Bush compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, and knew the family for decades). But moments after the president-elect and his wife sat on the living room couch, they fell asleep. Jerry was a wonderful man, a real Republican, not the con artists and racists of today’s party.  Like Ronald Reagan, GHW Bush, that party is gone, it’s been replaced by a snake oil salesman fooling brainwashed morons who listen to and watch right wing radio and TV.  The GOP is now a Southern-based hate group run by a slick huckster from Queens, New York, without the pride and dignity or even class of neighbor Archie Bunker. Over the past eight years, I’ve learned that millions, even billions can’t cover up racism. It seeps through in this country like Jed Clampett’s oil behind his Smokey-Mountain shack.   That’s why Jerry was special, beloved by Hollywood’s elite both Republican and Democrat.  At HBO, we all loved him. He will be missed.661doheny_05_-_h_2016
The house is located on more than an acre of land on Doheny Road and is one of a handful of homes that not only has borne witness to but also helps bridge Hollywood past and present. If the walls of the 7,300-square-foot home (six bedrooms, nine baths) could talk, they would tell tales of Frank Sinatra planning a wedding for his lawyer, Mickey Rudin; of George Clooney, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt scheming up Ocean’s Eleven; and of Elvis Presley and his manager Colonel Tom Parker scheduling a tour. Morgan bought the house in 1976 for $300,000 while on a solo scouting trip from New York, which, according to her, prompted this comment from Weintraub: “What’s the matter with you, Jane? You don’t know anything about what houses should cost. That is ridiculous — we can’t pay that.”
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Forty years later, the house is for sale for $22.5 million; it has been on the market for eight months (the home Weintraub built in Palm Desert in 2002 also is on the market, since February, for $16 million). Listing agent Fred Bernstein of Westside Estate Agency says the unique intimacy of the Doheny house doesn’t jibe with current trends. “If somebody wants a contemporary home they want modern scale, and this has intimate scale,” he notes. “It’s not a big, flashy house. It is very tastefully done.” Bernstein says he has strong interest from a buyer from Shanghai and that a few stars and music managers have toured the property.661doheny_28%20-embed 661doheny_30%20-embed
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Westside Estate Agency;
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