Listen To 16-Minutes Of Kyle MacLachlan Reading ‘The Secret History Of Twin Peaks’ And Order Info Here


Spoiler alert!  Those reading Mark Frost’s great novel, turn away if you haven’t reached page 169 of The Secret History of Twin Peaks just yet. In case you have and are considering the audiobook —available for free to first-time Audible users— please proceed in order to enjoy a 16-minute teaser.


The Andrew Packard Case is a document dated March 15, 1989 (one day after Major Briggs disappeared) and retrieved from the Bookhouse by The Archivist. It contains parts of Interpol’s case file on Josie Packard and an article on Andrew Packard’s boating ‘accident’ as published in the Twin Peaks Post on September 27, 1987.


In this rather lengthy audio excerpt shared by Macmillan Audio, you’ll hear Kyle MacLachlan as Dale Cooper, the initially “unknown” author of the volume. Yes, that’s an unavoidable spoiler given the nature of the audiobook, but it’s KYLE MACLACHLAN OFFICIALLY REPRISING HIS ROLE AS DALE COOPER for the first time in a long while, so who’s complaining? Additional voices are provided by author Mark Frost himself as staff reporter Cyril Pons, and Annie Wersching as FBI Special Agent T.P.

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The Andrew Packard Case (3/15/89)

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The complete 9.5-hour audio version is available as a CD box set from Amazon and Book Depository (worldwide), and as an unabridged digital download on Amazon. You can download it completely free of charge if you enroll for a free Audible trial as a first-time user.


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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