Man Dressed As Freddy Krueger At Halloween Party Shoots Five People


A man dressed as fictional supernatural film cult classic serial killer Freddy Krueger opened fired and shot five people at a residential Halloween party in San Antonio in the early hours of Sunday, October 30, the Associated Press reports.


Sgt. Jesse Salame told the AP that there were no fatalities and all five people injured in the shooting were treated and have since been released from hospitals. However, a resident of the home told local news station KENS 5 that a friend who was shot in the stomach is in critical condition.


According to police, the incident occurred after two uninvited male guests crashed the costume party. One of the men, who dressed as Wes Craven’s razor-fingered Nightmare on Elm Street villain, got into an argument with others and started shooting. Both men fled the scene and the suspect has not yet been apprehended.


KENS 5 reports that several people at the bash captured part of the fight on Snapchat, which has helped police identify the men. One had a shotgun and the second was holding a handgun.


Authorities haven’t determined what sparked the scary shooting, but they believe alcohol was a factor, the AP says.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Paramount Pictures
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