Monthly Archives: December 2016

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds to Be Buried Side-By-Side

Debbie Reynolds’ son says his mother and sister, actress Carrie Fisher, will have a joint funeral and will be buried together.  Todd Fisher said the actresses will be buried together at Forest

Traitor Trump Praises Putin, But Congress Begins Hearings Next Week & US Intelligence Officials Hold Intervention With Orange Buffoon

Everyone knows that Trump owes hundreds to Russian banks, friends of Putin’s. Trump claimed (wrongly) during the election that Putin called Pres. Obama a nigger, but that was actually Trump who did

Allan Williams, The Beatles’ First Manager, Dies At 86

Allan Williams, the Beatles’ first manager who became known as “The Man Who Gave the Beatles Away” from the title of his gritty autobiography, has died in Liverpool at age 86, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Bruce Toms, Reality Television Producer, Dies At 55

Bruce Toms, an Emmy-nominated executive producer on such reality TV shows as Road Rules, Nanny 911, Wife Swap and Secret Millionaire, has died. He was 55.   Toms, who was working on the Bravo

Disgraced Bill Cosby Says ‘Pitchforks’ Are Out, Wants To Move His Criminal Trial, And Blames “The Media!”

It was bound to happen, when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania judge wasn’t fooled by Bill Cosby, he cries like a baby. He was very brave for over five decades chastising others while

Putin And Russia Hacked A Vermont Utility, Hours After Trump And Trumpanzees Praise The Murdering Dictator

It’s disgraceful we live in a nation with a racist President-elect and a bunch of racist Trumpanzees who place more respect over a brutal murderer in Putin than they do their own

Broken Knott’s Berry Farm Ride In Calif. Strands 18 Riders 125 Feet In The Air For 3 Hours

A broken down right at Knott’s Berry Farm stranded 18 riders 125 above the ground Friday for about three hours, according to the Orange County Fire Authority.  An apparent malfunction caused the

WHY HIM? According To Film Reviewer Michael Long, James Franco Is A Lot Funnier Than He Expected

Why Him? is funnier than I expected, probably funnier than you’re thinking, too. James Franco almost always rises to the occasion, and he is particularly good at playing enthusiastic goofballs, as he

Film Reviewer Michael Long Isn’t Gaga For ‘La La Land,’ See Why It Left Him Unimpressed

Right out of graduate school I divided my time between a day job and doing stand-up. Met a lot of people who are friends of mine to this day. We had plenty

‘Solace’ Is A Stylish Serial-Killer Thriller Crippled By Clumsy Dialogue

Now in a limited theatrical run and available on demand, Solace is a stylish serial-killer thriller crippled by clumsy dialogue, inferior acting by the female lead, and a story whose machinations do