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Matthew Perry’s Most Challenging Role As He Calls It, Is Playing Legendary Sen. Ted Kennedy In ‘After Camelot’, (VIDEO)

Handsome “Friends” star Matthew Perry is diving into history to play Senator Edward Kennedy but has said it is the toughtest part he’s taken on.   Matt is joining the cast of The

James Cromwell Finds Himself Head-To-Head With Oscar-Nominated Actor Jude Law And Loves ‘The Young Pope’ Role He Covets

The Young Pope‘s Cardinal Spencer (James Cromwell) is about to come out of the shadows next week on the show and he isn’t happy with his current Vatican hierarchy, that of Pope Lenny (Jude Law),

Box Office: ‘Hidden Figures’ Prevails as ‘Monster Trucks,’ Ben Affleck’s ‘Live By Night’ Bomb

Family film “Monster Trucks” surprisingly tanked when it debuted over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, while Ben Affleck’s “Live by Night” and Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” suffered moribund national expansions. Their failures will

China Box Office: ‘Passengers’ Rockets To First, ‘Rogue One’ Continues Decline In Asia

Sony’s Passengers, starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, easily won the weekend box office in China, blasting past a rapidly decelerating Rogue One.  The sci-fi romance opened to $5.3 million on Friday

Discovery ID ‘Is O.J. Innocent: The Missing Evidence’ Kicks Off Debut Pointing The Finger At OJ Relative As The Suspect, (VIDEO)

TV’s true crime stories are all the rage right now.  But, let’s be clear, as entertaining and creative as this show is, there’s no doubt to me, that OJ himself is the

Newspaper In Scotland Describes Donald Trump’s Inauguration As ‘The Twilight Zone’

The Scottish have always been geniuses, and I must agree with them about the orange-colored racist monster Trump.  A Scottish newspaper’s TV critic likened Donald Trump’s upcoming inauguration to The Twilight Zone

Box Office Report: ‘Hidden Figures’ Inches Above To Take Number One Spot This MLK Weekend

The 2017 Martin Luther King holiday will mark the downfall of major studio releases over a holiday season, including Martin Scorsese’s Silence and Ben Affleck’s Live by Night.  Live by Night, playing

Famed Architect Chris Mercier Unveils Mural In Rogers Park, Inglewood

Architect Christopher Mercier, AIA, left Frank Gehry’s Gehry Design Group in 2002 to establish his own architecture practice to create (fer) studio: Form, Environment Research. Their goal: to design contemporary spaces for creative clients, and

Disgraced, Disgraceful Megachurch Pastor Bishop Eddie Long Dies At Age 63

Accused sexual deviant Bishop Eddie Long, pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, has died, his church announced on Sunday.   Long died at age 63 after battling an aggressive form of

Racist Trump Cancels MLK Weekend Visit To African American Museum Following Twitter-Thuggery On American Hero

It’s hilarious that a racist like Trump who spent eight years trying to del-legitimize the FIRST African American President, but now that he’s seen by many who despise him as illegitimate .