Fri. Sep 25th, 2020

‘The Young Pope’ RECAP: The Cardinals Learned Who The Boss Is In ‘The Sistine Chapel’ (VIDEO) Ep. 6 Preview

According to HBO,  Pope Pius XIII and The Young Pope alike begin their greatest triumph: an address to the Cardinals delivered in full papal regalia, towering tiara and all. The fact that the Holy Father gets his gear on in a full-fledged dress-up montage soundtracked by LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” doesn’t undercut the totalitarian coming-out party that follows; if anything, it enhances it. This man will use every tool at his disposal, right down to his own personal hotness, to beat the faithful into submission. That, or kick their apostate asses out the door – a very, very tiny door he has custom-built for the purpose.theyoungpope-11

The scheming Cardinal who holds the position of Secretary of State had already come to rue his attempt to frame the Holy Father in a sex scandal. While spying on his unwilling minion Ester‘s failed seduction attempt, the Cardinal discovered that not only was our man legitimately incorruptible, but that his virtue springs from a place of pure pain and fear felt by all members of the clergy. Surrendering his blackmail dossier to Sister Mary, he comes to the Pope to confess … only to learn that Pius already knew everything. The blackmail over Ester’s adultery, his threat to expose the Pope’s pal Monsignor Gutierrez‘s alcoholism unless he served as a spy, and God knows what else: “What if I know all your secrets, Your Eminence?” Pius looks on as if to say, “I know it!”judelaw-theyoungpope17

Then the Pope is literally standing on higher ground, shot from below to make the power differential even more visually striking – Voiello is reduced to a sobbing mess, begging for forgiveness at the Holy Father’s feet. What other choice does he have? There’s no out-politicking a man who has no need to build alliances. “I’m not afraid of losing consensus,” Pius says. Then he wonderfully he refers to himself using the title of the show. “I am the Young Pope. I put no stock in consensus.” Through it all we hear that menacing music, creating an atmosphere of madness and dread as oppressive in Vatican City as it was in the Overlook Hotel.judelaw-theyoungpope22

Then comes the episode and it was a doozy. Pius and Cardinal Dussolier going AWOL in the middle of the night, chatting with high-priced escorts while wearing track suits. Or their flashbacks to the time they ran away from their orphanage to find Lenny’s parents. Or the bit where the Pope orders the Vatican kangaroo to jump … and it does. Or the part where the Holy Father and the entire Vatican power structure break into the rogue stigmatic holy man Tonino Pettola‘s house, saying “the reason for this visit is that you have busted our balls.”

Bow down bitches!

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   Gianni Fiorito/HBO
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