Thu. May 28th, 2020

Trump’s Inability To Tell The Truth And Even Recognize It Will Become Sean Spicer’s Undoing

Donald Trump is the biggest conman on the planet in this era. Marlon Brando once said, “everyone can be a conman. But, the first person you have to con is yourself.” The President has that one under his belt, and his sagging approval ratings mean that his base of support is not growing, as every other Presidents always will, going into a new era.  But with Breitbart white supremacist Stephen Bannon by his side and people like Sean Spicer who have decided to sell their soul in order to be part of history. Sadly, they don’t get it. The Nixon Administration didn’t enjoy the post Nixon-era. In fact, the few that didn’t go to prison, found ways to write books to renounce their former leader and even those who went to prison begged for forgiveness to a forgiving nation. However, Trump’s inability to even recognize the truth, to get a conspiracy – say “Birtherism” and embrace it to his own detriment is why Spicer is in trouble.  Frankly I would not be a spokesperson for a liar.  You can’t fix stupidity and Trump is such a liar, the fact that he has deluded himself makes him stupid, and that will never end on a good note.sean-spicer-newsuit
He’s actually borderline personality. With reality TV star vigor, he loves fighting and creating turmoil.  It was enough racists in America to get him elected, but it won’t be enough to salvage his Administration if he continues down this road.  Bill Clinton lied under oath, lost his law license and had to pay a whopping fine to the Arkansas Bar Association.  But he at least knew that he was a liar and lying.  Trump has convinced himself that he’s the bastion of integrity and he is the most dishonest President in U.S. history. And his arrogance is Nixonian, which does not bode well for the man who wears orange makeup.

Surrounding himself with what we now call Alt/Right, but we all know are just white supremacists, who are more stupid than he is, is not good.  Every competent and successful US President was known for having smarter people than themselves surrounding them. Trump has idiotic people like Spicer who just want a job in the White House, have no core values and lack any semblance of integrity. And therefore are willing to trot out before the media and bash them, while making himself look like a moron.  Every White House faces a scandal or a challenge. And for Trump, when that time comes, for war or to defend a person within his ranks accused of something. Aside from Trumpanzees, he’ll have no other Americans willing to even give him a chance of taking him or Spicer or even Kellyanne Conway at their word.  They will blame the media, but have only themselves to blame.  Utter incompetence and stupidity will be what history remembers of the early days of the Trump Administration, filled with liars, who lie about unimportant things, so when it comes to important matters, they will find themselves in grave trouble with the American people.

The White House on Tuesday stuck firmly to President Donald Trump’s claim that millions of people voted illegally in the November election, but provided no evidence to back up his assertion.

Trump spokesman Sean Spicer said the president “does believe” that he lost the popular vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton only because of widespread illegal ballots.


“He believes what he believes, based on the information he was provided,” said Spicer. But he would not detail what information he was referring to, citing only a 2008 study that called for updating voter rolls but did not conclude there has been pervasive election fraud.


Spicer, who spent several years at the Republican National Committee before joining the White House, would not say whether he shared the president’s belief. He also sidestepped questions about whether the White House would investigate the voter fraud allegations, saying only, “Anything is possible.”

Trump first raised the prospect of illegal voting during the transition. Then, during a reception with lawmakers at the White House on Monday evening, he again claimed that he’d lost the popular vote because 3 million to 5 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally had voted. That’s according to a Democratic aide familiar with the exchange who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the private meeting.

Trump’s assertion appears to be part of a continuing pattern for him and his new administration in which falsehoods overshadow his outreach efforts. Both Trump and Spicer made false comments over the weekend about the crowds who gathered for the inauguration.


Aides and associates of the president say that he is dogged by insecurity over his loss of the popular vote and believes Democrats and the media are questioning the legitimacy of his presidency. On Tuesday, the president tweeted a photograph from the inauguration taken from an angle that accentuated the crowd and said he planned to hang the image in the press area of the White House.


Nothing is worse in public relations and media, than having a boss you can’t tell the truth to. But as a publicist, I long ago learned not to lie for a client. Spicer had better learn this before his career is forever damaged, and he’ll be forced to go back to the RNC and be nothing but a flack, which is what he was in the beginning.


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   AP
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