Thu. May 28th, 2020

Utah Women Return From D.C. Anti-Trump March, And March On State Capitol Monday In Snow And Freezing Rain

If racist Trump has any delusions of becoming Adolf Hitler, he’s got a lot of more eyeballs on him than his German ancestor.  The truth is, his very anemic crowd at his inauguration was tripled the following day by women.  Not one arrest of a protestor in the US or around the world on Saturday, with over hundreds of millions protesting the conman.  The Trumpanzees are blinded by racism and hope of returning American 300 years in the past. But failure will be theirs and their leader’s.  Utahans are very conservative and unlike Trump, real Republicans. Utah women do not respect this Administration.
Thousands attended a march to the Utah State Capitol building on Monday that was organized by Utah Women Unite, CBS Salt Lake City affiliate KUTV reports.It took place on the first day of the Utah State Legislative session and was part of a series of rallies held across the U.S.   Demonstrators met at City Creek Park and marched to the Capitol building, where people gathered in the rotunda.    A Utah Highway Patrol trooper said capacity at the Capitol’s rotunda was 5,000 — and the demonstrators exceeded that number inside of the building with more people outside.utah-women


The crowd was estimated to be at 6,000, police told KUTV reporter Chris Jones.


Organizers had said they anticipated 3,000-5,000 people would turn out for the march. Rep. Angela Romero, Rep. Sandra Hollins, Navajo women’s rights activist Carol Surveyor and Sen. Jim Dabakis were among the speakers.


A website that appears to be associated with Utah Women Unite said the march on Monday was organized “using the inspiration and momentum of the national Women’s March” — a reference to global demonstrations that took place on Saturday.


“We will march from City Creek Park to the Capitol Rotunda (inside the capitol building) to show our strength, power, and courage,” the website says. “We will demonstrate our disapproval of Utah politician’s anti-women rhetoric and actions.”

The website said the march “is only the beginning.”

“Utah Women Unite will be tracking bills that concern all women’s issues and making certain Utah women’s voices are heard and recognized by our representatives,” it says.


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   Chris Jones/Twitter; AP
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