Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

According To Oscar-Winner Casey Affleck’s Celebrity Makeup Artist/Groomer, It Takes Only Minutes To Prepare Him For Events

Handsome Academy Award-winning actor “Casey [Affleck] is a real guy’s guy,” says celebrity makeup artist and groomer Barbara Guillaume. “He doesn’t like grooming.” But ahead of his big Oscars nomination in the best actor category (and later, win), the Manchester By the Sea star “let me do my thing,” she told THR Pret-a-Reporter.

But because Affleck is currently doing a movie right now that requires his hair long and shaggy and his beard unkempt, Guillaume had to get creative in the hair and skincare department.

It also explains why, for every awards show this season, Affleck has sported the same rough-around-the-edges look.


Admittedly, Affleck “doesn’t need much,” says Guillaume who prepped the actor’s skin with Sensai bronzing gel — a go-to product in her arsenal for its ability to give skin a healthy glow — “like you just came back from the beach.” Guillaume topped off the look with the lightweight Laura Mercier Secret Finish Mattifying gel to fight shine.


When it came to Affleck’s beard, “we tried to groom it and cut a little bit of it but not much, because we are not allowed to,” says Guillaume, who also tied her client’s hair into a low man-bun in an attempt “to keep it nice and clean.”
“It takes twenty minutes tops,” says Guillaume. “With my other clients, I would have to do their hair, but with Casey and his current situation with the movie [role], that cuts down on quite a bit of time.”


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Barbara Guillaume/Instagram
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