Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

Con Artist Trump Plays Presidential, But By Thursday, Twitter-Thug President Will Return

Racist tangerine Trump put on a mediocre acting job, but while Trumpanzees and some naïve in the media started quoting him, anyone who knows a slick New York City conman knows, it’s just that, a con job.  Once a racist, always a racist and even with the White House leaking fake news stories which the media quickly scooped up, those of us who grew up knowing racists very well, can tell you, a leopard never changes his spots, and that includes orange-colored leopards.
Critics will rightly point out that several of Trump’s claims — about the rising violence in America, for example,  missed the factual mark by a wide margin. And, at times, racist Trump seemed to be on the verge of returning to his confrontational self, particularly when discussing immigration and the border wall.  But, in the end he kept his act up profoundly.trump-congress
I am grateful for having worked in a business where a con artist shows up every few hours, to not be fooled by this man’s fake behavior.  He is petty and vindictive and by Thursday the buffoon-in-chief will be lashing out on Twitter like all bullies do.
Who fake Trump truly is was seen in January.  In his Jan. 20 inaugural address, Trump talked about “American carnage” and saw a land where “rusted out factories [are] scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation.”

Tuesday’s address was trying to pretend that person no longer exists, but he does. In its early stages, the president insisted that “a new chapter of American greatness is now beginning.” As it neared its conclusion, he encouraged his audience to “think of the marvels we can achieve if we simply set free the dreams of our people.”

Trump doesn’t trade in unalloyed optimism. There were other less cheery passages, as he spoke about crime rates and what he sees as the dangers of lax enforcement of immigration laws.

Don’t worry, the real Trump shows in in less than 48-hours.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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