Thu. May 28th, 2020

Linda Hope Continues To Fight For Her Parents’ Legacy, To Help Our Servicemen And Women And Follow Her Parents’ Final Wishes

For years I have heard about government overreach, but this is absolutely a travesty.  Bob and Dolores Hope’s final wishes are only being carried out because their eldest daughter has valiantly fought local governmental overreach.  Last week at the Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council Meeting (Official recommendation body of the city) voted to oppose the Councilman’s motion to designate the Hope property as a historic monument.With the vote of “No Recommendation” from both Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce and the Toluca Lake Home Owners Association, having taken no official position, the Councilman appears to lack significant support from the Toluca Lake community and it’s influential representative organizations.

The meeting drew a respectable number of residents who were overwhelming opposed to the Councilman’s efforts to designate the estate as historic. Those who spoke publicly, were 5 to 1 in opposition to the Councilman.

One of the claims made during themeeting was that this was the Hope’s “only remaining home,” which is inaccurate. In fact, their famous Palm Springs home, which recently sold for $13 Million, is where they actually publicly and professionally entertained both industry and political personalities. The Moorpark residence had been intended to be and served as a private residence only, remaining closed to both press and general public until after her passing in 2011.

The Councilman indicated that he and his staff had dedicated several hours researching their desired future for the estate, failing to acknowledge that Bob and Dolores spent a lifetime preparing and planning a Living Legacy, benefiting Veterans, children and the homeless in the community, which did not include a historic designation of their Moorpark residence.

The Hope’s eldest daughter and Toluca Lake resident, Linda, has publicly stated that while the Councilman claims to be protecting her fathers legacy, they are in fact only disrespecting her parents last wishes, as determined by their legal Will.

“Is it fair for the city to step in and take my father’s property and designate it as THEY see fit and disregard and disrespect my father’s express wishes?!  Would any member of the city council want that to happen to them? Mother and Dad specifically wanted a living legacy: To know that a homeless family had food and shelter for the night or that an unemployed Vet found a new job, that is what they wanted as their legacy… Not the preservation of their aging house. When my mom passed away (in 2011), she left a mandate that proceeds from the sale of their house were to go to feed, clothe and shelter those in need, with a special emphasis on those who’ve served out country,” Linda Hope said in a statement to Highlight Hollywood. b&d hope golf 01

When the councilman was asked about his last experience visiting the property, he remarked, “I’ve never been there.” When asked if he didnt think that visiting the site was an important factor, he responded. “It wasnt necessary, as he already realized that the architecture wasn’t special or historic,” adding, “I’d like to see it some day.”

The matter comes to final vote before the City Council on Feb 28th.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  HBPR
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