Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

Linda Hope Wins Long Battle, Bob Hope’s Toluca Lake Home Denied Historic-Cultural Status, Hope Foundation Can Help American Heroes

After decades of planning their own Living Legacy, Bob and Dolores Hope’s final wishes, as designated in their legal Will, were rightfully upheld today by the Los Angeles City Council. The Councils action was a direct embrace of Bob and Dolores Hope and their commitment to the needy and this country’s Veterans.

Despite the Lack of significant support from the Toluca Lake community and it’s influential representative organizations, Councilman Ryu continued to disrespect the Hope family, even after several Toluca Lake Neighbors and industry colleagues, who had written to Councilman’s office stating their support of the Hope Family and Foundation pleaing for him NOT to designate the house as Historic.b&d hope golf 01


‘Linda Hope’, the eldest of Bob and Dolores’s children, spoken gratefully on behalf of the entire family and true supporters of the Hope legacy. “Mother and Dad had no interest in brick and mortar tributes. They specifically wanted a living legacy: To know that a homeless family had food and shelter for the night or that an unemployed Vet found a new job, that is what they wanted as their legacy… Not the preservation of their aging house. They left a mandate that proceeds from the sale of their house were to go to feed, clothe and shelter those in need, with a special emphasis on those who’ve served out country.” ” said Linda Hope.

Speakers included: Bob Kerkjian, Bob Hope USO; Lynne Littman – Neighbor and family friend; Larry Pressman – Neighbor and Family friend; Craig Strong – Real Estate Agent; Mike Arnold – midnight mission

Tony Montalto – The Bob & Dolores Foundation and The Dolores Hope Trust; Linda Hope – Eldest daughter of Bob & Dolores Hope; Tim McOsker – Attorney for The Bob Hope Legacy; Charuni Patibanda – Attorney for The Bob Hope Legacy.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   HBPR
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