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Get Out Of Jail-Free Card? Penn. Judge Refuses Cosby Request To Move Trial, But Does Say Jurors Will NOT Come From Suburbs, Likely Philly, Cosby’s Hometown

Today’s ruling may be the “get out of jail-free car” for Cosby.  A judge has ruled against moving the Bill Cosby sex-assault trial out of the Pennsylvania suburbs, but said jurors will

California-Based Trader Joe’s Recalls Applesauce Over Reports Of Glass Contamination

Monrovia-based supermarket chain Trader Joe’s has voluntarily recalled three of its unsweetened applesauce products because of possible glass contamination.  The recalled was initiated based on customers’ reports of glass fragments in the

After 8-Years Of Silence, Pres. George W. Bush Sides With Media Over Trump’s War On It, “Power Can Be Corrosive And Addictive”

Donald Trump’s war on the media is the energize the Trumpanzees and to distract from the fact that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Plus, he knows there will be many revelations

‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ On Tuesday, Feb. 28, Ridge And Quinn Find Themselves In Very Hot Water

Coming up on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, Ridge and Quinn find themselves in a predicament where temptation becomes unbearable.   Meanwhile, RJ takes a special

‘The Walking Dead’ RECAP And Next Week’s Preview, Could Eugene Have Turned Revenge Of The Nerds?

This week in The Walking Dead  “Hostiles and Calamities,”  Eugene undergoes a dark change, almost like Carol’s.  And by the end of this hour, however, any path to redemption for our man is

Square, Twitter CEO, Billionaire Jack Dorsey Talks Politics, Diversity And Public Pressures To Succeed

He’s the man under fire, but he’s cool as a cucumber, as we said in the South where I grew up.  The handsome billionaire Jack Dorsey is best known as co-founder and

Linda Hope Continues To Fight For Her Parents’ Legacy, To Help Our Servicemen And Women And Follow Her Parents’ Final Wishes

For years I have heard about government overreach, but this is absolutely a travesty.  Bob and Dolores Hope’s final wishes are only being carried out because their eldest daughter has valiantly fought

‘Bright’ Teaser Shows Will Smith as Human Cop in Fantasy Noir (Video)

The first trailer for the Netflix film “Bright” appeared during the 2017 Academy Awards, and it looked a bit like “Suicide Squad 2.” Director David Ayer has brought back Will Smith from “Suicide

New ‘Feud’ Teaser Shows The Plotting Divas Joan And Bette Preparing For Battle (VIDEO)

Next month fans of the Classic movie era get an in depth view of the long-simmer feud between Bette Davis the Warner Bros. Queen of the Lot and Joan Crawford, a fading

Oscars: Second Snafu Upsets Australian Producer Jan Chapman, Who Says She’s Devastated By Mistaken In-Memoriam Photo

Leading Australian producer, Jan Chapman was “devastated” by another mistake in the Oscars telecast. In addition to the best picture gaffe, during the show’s In Memoriam segment, a photo of a living woman