Actress Emma Watson Could Get An Additional $15M For ‘Beauty And The Beast’

Actress Emma Watson could get $15 million for playing Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” film “Beauty and the Beast,” according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter.   Citing sources, the report says Watson will get $3 million upfront for her role but her paycheck could be larger depending on the film’s success. 

Watson’s deal for the film, which was released on March 17, is similar to actress Angelina Jolie’s for the film “Maleficent,” according to the report Jolie earned $20 million plus profit participation for “Maleficent” in the title role. The 2011 film brought in a worldwide gross income of about $759 million.

The film is already looking at a massive opening in North America, the biggest so far this year.

Disney did not immediately respond to Highlight Hollywood’s request for comment.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Disney
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