Thu. May 28th, 2020

Pennsylvania Prosecutors Want Jury To Hear Cosby’s “Spanish-Fly Drugging” Admission From 1991, And His Rape Suit Settlements, (VIDEO)

Highlight Hollywood readers long knew about Cosby’s 1991 admission to wanting to drug women since he was a pre-teen. Bill Cosby is trying to keep his civil settlement with accuser Andrea Constand out of his criminal sexual-assault trial.

Cosby is charged with drugging and molesting Constand during a visit to his Pennsylvania home in 2004 — the only criminal case stemming from dozens of accusations of sexual misconduct. She sued him in 2005 and the case was settled for an undisclosed sum in 2006.

 Bill Cosby, Camille Cosby

A judge has already ruled that prosecutors can use a deposition Cosby gave in the civil case — in which he discusses the encounter with Constand, as well as giving women pills in the 1970s — at his criminal trial.

Now his lawyers are arguing that jurors should not hear about the lawsuit negotiations or the settlement because the value of the information “is outweighed by the danger of unfair prejudice.”

Cosby is due back in court on Monday, when a judge will hear arguments on several outstanding issues — including whether the jury can hear details of his conduct with women besides Constand and the one other accuser who is being allowed to take the stand.

His team is also asking that potential jurors fill out written questionnaires that will gauge what news coverage of the case they have seen, whether they think Cosby is guilty and whether they know anyone who was accused of or the victim of sexual assault.

But, it’s his own words that should remove the doubt of crazy fans, so in love with stardom that they fail to realize Cosby himself as admitted to the types of behavior he’s now accused by a criminal prosecutor of engaging in.

Prosecutors have dug up comments Bill Cosby made about the aphrodisiac “Spanish fly” more than 25 years ago and hope to use them against him during his sexual-assault trial.

In a court filing Thursday, the district attorney’s office asked a Pennsylvania judge to allow into evidence a passage from Cosby’s 1991 book “Childhood” and an interview he gave Larry King that same year — arguing they show the TV star “had knowledge of date-rape drugs” and wanted to use them.


Spanish fly is the nickname for a concoction of powdered beetle remains. It’s historically been used as a sexual stimulant, not a sedative like the pills that Cosby allegedly gave the accuser in his criminal case,  Andrea Constand.



Cosby has denied wrongdoing and has sued some of his accusers for defamation.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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