‘The Walking Dead’ RECAP, Hell Hath No Fury Like Two Women Scorned, Plus Next Week’s Exciting Preview (VIDEO)


Actor Tom Payne promised “he is the same as he is the comic books in that regard,” but he revealed more recently to Out magazine: “I was excited to first establish Jesus as a kick-ass ninja, then have the fact that he happens to be gay dropped in later. The way it’s done is subtle. It’s a small moment.”
The moment was indeed subtle. While sitting on a stoop with Maggie, Jesus mentions his life before the outbreak. “When I was first here [at Hilltop], I was never here,” he says. “I always found it hard getting close to anyone: neighbors, friends,” pausing before adding, “boyfriends.” Maggie responds with a warm smile, and that’s that.


It’s a rare, touching demonstration of their relationship, and one of the few from this week’s episode, which proved to be a somewhat frustrating hour.


A wordless montage shows the Hilltop colony training for a fight, Daryl closing himself off from his family, Maggie forming a stronger bond with Enid, Sasha planning for an attack on The Saviors, Gregory drinking to dull his own frustrations, and a recap of Rosita approaching Sasha at Abraham’s grave.


After overhearing Jesus’ conversation with Maggie, Sasha tries sneaking into the trailer to grab bullets hidden in a book. Jesus and Enid walk in and catch her doing it but offer them freely. Jesus again tries to convince her to not go after Negan until Rick and the Groups are prepared to fight the Absolute War.


Although, Sasha somehow convinces herself that she is no longer needed to secure the future of Hilltop, but everyone else is. What Jesus should’ve told her was, “You are needed — you helped protect Hilltop from the rampant walkers, you supported Maggie when she lost Glenn, you’ve been training everyone to fight back, and you ensured Rick and the others’ survival along the way. So, if you’re determined to go, don’t let that be your excuse.” Maybe then she’d face some deeper revelation. But, instead, he gave the equivalent of, “Well, I can’t stop you.” At the very least, they tell her to give Maggie a head’s up before she leaves, but a surprise arrival from Simon leaves her scrambling to slip out and Maggie and Daryl rushing into the basement to hide.


As Simon chats and intimidates Gregory, Sasha and Rosita go off to find a car, but their brief stretch of peace is interrupted by the sight of Sasha’s necklace. Rosita mentions she made it for Abraham, who then pawned it off to his new flame.


The pair resolve to only speak to each other if it pertains to the mission, so Sasha proposes they should attempt a long-distance kill on the off chance they can make it out of there alive — which is perhaps the first smart thing either of them have offered up on their suicide mission thus far. She offers another poignant dose of reality when she’s arguing with Rosita, who’s continuing her anger rampage: Maybe if she stops fighting everyone for a moment, she’ll consider the possibility there’s a more agreeable way to get what she wants.


Back at Hilltop, Enid can’t keep the promise she made to prevent The Saviors from wandering into Daryl and Maggie’s hiding place. So, one of them ends up walking down into the basement to grab more supplies he surely doesn’t need. Just as it seems he’s about to catch them, the episode breaks into a commercial to further tease the end result, which is that Maggie holds Daryl back from killing this unfortunate soul and they live to plot another day. Daryl’s moment with Maggie hit me hard as that rugged crossbow avenger broke down over Glenn’s death.



Simon,  reveals he’s there to take Dr. Carson (Maggie’s doctor and the brother of the doc who got burned alive a couple episodes ago) back to serve Negan at The Sanctuary. But he’s not leaving them high and dry: He drops off a massive crate filled with Aspirin. Gregory makes a bold move by bringing Simon to a secluded spot by the wall to bargain for their only medical expert. However, he nearly slips the fact that he might be overthrown by his own people. Simon offers to take care of that problem should it ever arise.



When Sasha and Rosita later hear cars driving up, they position for Negan’s arrival. They watch as he comes out to greet his new addition, Dr. Carson, but Sasha can’t get a clean shot. So when they hear Eugene over the walkie saying Negan will be “indisposed in the boudoir,” they decide to infiltrate beyond the fence — a decision that will likely lead to one or both of their deaths.


There’s a glimmer of hope, though, that she may live at least a bit longer. As Rosita rushes off in tears over the thought of Sasha’s presumed fate, she sees the shadow of Daryl, standing in the dark with his crossbow.   At least one hopes it’s Daryl.  Tonight’s pivotal scene between Sasha and Rosita, also next week’s preview of a scene between Gregory and Maggie  and next week’s shocking preview below:




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