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Elmwood, Nebraska. The Town That Sounds Just Eerie Enough To House The Museum Of Shadows, By Clay Johnson

Something really cool happens when you put a couple haunted dolls, and a bunch of other paranormal items, in an old paint store.  It becomes one of the top haunted museums located in the the United States.  It becomes the Museum of Shadows.IMG_8436

I love museums.  Call me a geek, but they are cool.  I enjoy discovering the history and living in the past, even if just for a brief moment, while touring one of the thousands of great museums located across the U.S.  The history of an item can teach us so much about what happened, and what effects it has had on our future.  Unfortunately, many of the ‘traditional’ museums are loosing funding and closing up shop.

Lately though, there has been a surge in a specific museum that houses a certain type of artifact.  A museum of the unknown.  A museum of the paranormal.  Honestly, they seem to be popping up everywhere.  Zak Bagans has a new one in Vegas (of course he does). There is a traveling museum of the paranormal (how would you like to be on a flight with those haunted artifacts?).  These parlors of the paranormal seem to be the newest craze in the paranormal world.

Actually though, they aren’t all too new.  John Zaffis, from Haunted Collector, has been squirreling away paranormal artifacts in his ‘museums’ chubby cheeks for a number of years… Well before Paranormal Collector hit SyFy.

Ever seen the Conjuring, and the true life story of  Ed & Lorraine Warren?  Real life paranormal investigators that encountered some real life shit during their investigations. Ed collected a number of items, throughout their years, and kept them secure and tucked away.  His collection was far from a museum; It was a tomb.  A tomb where very few people entered, because the paranormal, far too often, can be far too real.mask

This brings me to Elmwood, Nebraska.  The home to Nate and Kaleigh Raterman, and the home to their Museum of Shadows.  What was once a paint store, on the main street of this Nebraska town, located just 25 miles from Omaha, is now a paranormal museum that is monitored, via closed circuit cameras, 24-hours a day.

People used to be embalmed on the lower level of this particular building… I guess that is worth mentioning to my readers.  But this article is not so much about the building, itself, it is about what is INSIDE this old paint store, that really makes for a good story.  The Museum of Shadows houses 2 (one wasn’t good enough… they needed two) of thee most haunted dolls in the world of the paranormal.  Ayda, which means ‘The one who returns’, and Demus are both in full spirit at the Raterman’s paranormal paradise.ghost-doll

Ayda is active.  ‘Active’ isn’t the right word to use.  This doll can move.  Literally.  Investigators, museum visitors, and video have all confirmed that Ayda moves on her own.  And not just a head tilt, or her hand giving you the middle finger…. This little devil doll moves across an entire room! And, she speaks.  A number of guests have heard voices, in the form of a deep voice, coming from Ayda.NK

Ayda and Demus are just a couple of the items that the Museum of Shadows offers its visitors.  The museum has a huge number of paranormal items and has a vast amount of ‘history’ to show it’s visitors.  A embalming table.  A coffin.  A devil mask.  These are just a few of the articles that the Museum of Shadows has in it’s store of scare.  AND THEY HAVE INVESTIGATIONS!  Here is what the Raterman’s say you can expect, if you are brave enough to attend one of their Museum of Shadows Ghost Hunts; “We have interacted with the very souls who are attached to the items in the museum.  You may feel a soft touch on your arm or shoulder to smelling a very strong perfume, to even seeing an item move across the floor.”

What else is there to say?!  Sign me up!   If you’re thinking like me, then you’re thinking its time to make a trip to the Midwest.  The museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm, and the number of participants on the Ghost Hunts are limited, so make sure you reserve your spot in advance.  Until you’re able to make your tip to Elmwood, Nebraska, follow the Museum of Shadows on Twitter at @museumofshadows and visit their website at museumofshadows.com


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Written By: Written by: Clay Johnson, Sr. Paranormal Investigative Reporter and Entertainment Contributor

Photographs are Courtesy:  Nateand Kaleigh Raterman/Museum of Shadow

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