Hollywood Reacts To King Of The Hypocrites, Fox Rape Channel’s Phony Bill O’Reilly’s Downfall



Bill O’Reilly and Fox Rape Channel have brainwash a bunch of religious racists and have gotten damn rich doing so. Aussie Rupert Murdoch and the Saudi royal family created Fox to pander to the very people they hate, the right wing Christians, who are always supportive of racists, whoremongers and liars.  But many who Bill O’Reilly attacked as liberals, while he allegedly “liberally” sexually harassed hundreds of women, are celebrating the downfall of O’Reilly today and will soon celebrate Donald Trump’s political nose-dive.  O’Reilly’s constant preaching about Hollywood “morals” was a phony as Bill Cosby’s preaching about blacks. None of which were doing anything as evil as what he was doing, while preaching to racist fools.  It’s amazing, all of these people have that in common, an obsession with fake religion and racism, not to mention immorality.






Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Fox
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