It’s Happening Again! Long Island, NY ‘Cinderella Dances The Polka’ Newly Released

Once again the Golis family (Bill and Ted) has written another hit song; this time it happens to be a polka- the “Cinderella Polka!”   The Cinderella story is a classic and this polka is sure to catch the imagination of all listeners.image
Everyone loves the Cinderella idea and what woman doesn’t want to meet her handsome prince?
The iconic Country Hall of Famers, The Jordanaires, also known as Elvis’ backup singers are featured along with the Henry Golis Orchestra. The Golis brothers had written this some years back but their nephew has brought this to life with his dynamic orchestra. The Jordanaires previously recorded on the album “Henry Golis Presents Good Music With Friends,” as well as the album
 image (1)
“Friends of Henry Golis Wish you a Merry Christmas with the Jordanaires.”
The music is fun and lively! It would be hard not to dance to this memorable song!
It’s available from Spotify; iTunes and CD-Baby!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   Henry Gollis
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